Men and Cats, Cats and Men

This is the crazy cat lady’s heaven.


Czech Songs

As a Czech native, albeit not a particularly patriotic one, I’m now doing the obvious: sharing a random sample of domestic musical production.

Bílá and Hapka: “Watching You Sleep”

The lyrics are the pledge of a woman to her partner to stand by him even when everybody else condemns him.

Nohavica and Kirschner: “The First Night in a New Flat”

The lyrical song muses on the first night in a new flat, where the kitchen table symbolically divides and connects the couple.

Landa, “A Postcard from the War Front”

The song describes the infatuation of a young man with war, which he comes to choose before his lover.


Hating on Monkeys

I have no complaints against monkeys, but it seems that many other people do. See below for a Polish proverb about monkeys that nobody wants, a German proverb about a dead monkey and finally a song involving a dying monkey. Let’s kill some monkeys then? *evil laugh*

Polish Proverb


German Proverb


(Meaning “Let’s put an end to this”.)

“Monkey” by Low


Celebrating (the) Muse

I think the band Muse chose their name appropriately, as their music happens to have an inspiring effect on me. Here are my/their favourite songs. Hopefully you won’t have nightmares involving stuffed bears and rats.


“Undisclosed Desires”



Depressive Love Songs

Happy love songs suck. Hence, here goes a selection of my favourite depressive love songs. They are actually so depressive that if I were unhappily in love, they would make me kill myself to terminate my suffering.

Snow Patrol: “Chasing Cars”

Chris Klein: “It Happens in Florida”

Ben Cocks: “So Cold”

Kill me now.


What Do You Do When Nobody’s Looking?

I’m neither going to tell you what you do nor what I do when alone, but the videos below might give you a clue.

What Girls Do

What Boys Do


Cat Party

Do you have a cat? And do you know what your feline does when you’re not at home? I doubt that!



Remember What You Did Yesterday? Because I Don’t.

I never remember anything from my life because my busy brain apparently shelves my everyday experience as irrelevant. So I was delighted to find Yester, a downloadable mobile app that allows you to record and organise your videos. The neat thing is that you can use it to make compilations, such as the one below from my holiday. For a paid, even if cheap app (c. USD 1), it’s not without glitches, but overall, it comes in handy.


Perfume by Boggie

Here’s one my favourite music videos: while the message is not original, it’s valid nonetheless, and the music is not bad at all (that’s an understatement). The song apparently exists in a Hungarian version and a French version with drastically different lyrics.



Films Based on Scottish Books

As a staunch Scotophile, I can’t resist the urge to recommend three of my favourite films based on novels by Scottish writers. They are all dark and intense — in other words, very Scottish. Trainspotting, of course, is a cult classic, and if you loved it, you’ll probably like the other two films too. Check out the trailers below!

Trainspotting (1996)

Based on an eponymous novel by Irvine Welsh from 1993.

Morvern Callar (2002)

Based on a book by Allan Warner from 1995.

Young Adam (2003)

Originally a book by Alexander Trocchi from 1954.