Depressive Love Songs

Happy love songs suck. Hence, here goes a selection of my favourite depressive love songs. They are actually so depressive that if I were unhappily in love, they would make me kill myself to terminate my suffering.

Snow Patrol: “Chasing Cars”

Chris Klein: “It Happens in Florida”

Ben Cocks: “So Cold”

Kill me now.

31 thoughts on “Depressive Love Songs

    1. Aah, a fellow fan of Snow Patrol!! How perfect is that! They are excellent. I only discovered them recently and it was a love at first sight. Hope you’re enjoying your holiday! (Minus the Turkish toilets of course.)


    1. I saw and liked! Yes, depressive love songs are the best love songs. I’m glad you concur 😉 And I’m glad you enjoyed my selection! I think I’ll need to post more soon…


  1. Somehow these song make me want to live! (When I’m generally a person who looks at suicide pretty favorably! 🙂 )


    1. Your comment nailed it. I’m too a person who doesn’t shrink from the idea of suicide, but these songs happen to be both depressive and affirming at once. Which might be why I enjoy them 😀

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  2. ‘Snow Patrol’ probably one of my favorite bands. ‘Chasing Cars’ one of my favorite songs. :’)


    1. Yes, Snow Patrol is for me one of the few bands by whom I can listen to entire albums and enjoy immensely. Chasing Cars is maybe their most powerful song! I also like their “Set Fire to the Third Bar” and “Run” very much. It’s good to see other people sharing the same good taste 😉

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  3. I’m with you. I really loved that last song, “You owe me a reason”.
    Please check out an Australian band called Eskimo Joe. In particular “Liar”, “Suicide Girl”, “Black Fingernails, Red Wine”. Oh so many more.


    1. Ooh, thank you so much for the music tip! I’m always in want of music tips as I seem to be unable to find music I like on my own, without being recommended something. Now will you please excuse me, I’m off to check out Eskimo Joe (what a name for a band!)…

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  4. My favourite love song, hands down, and actually one of my favourite songs generally is The Smiths’ ‘There is a Light and it Never Goes Out’.


  5. Maybe it’s just me, but I thought ‘It happens in Florida’ was hilarious! Or did my internet get messed up and stream the wrong video? (Did anyone else see a drunk guy dressed as the Easter Bunny?)

    Anyway, I agree–happy love songs stink. They just sound so … insipid. My recommendation is ‘When I go’ by Over The Rhine. It’s an older song, but timelessly dark and moody.


    1. Oh of course the video to Florida is hilarious! Dark and moody songs are my cup of coffee, I’ll need to check out your recommendation. And when there is a bit of black humour to season things up, I’m the happiest person 😉

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