What I Hated the Least Today 233/365: Rewrite and Redesign

What I Hated the Least Today 233/365: Rewrite and Redesign

After my unintentionally somewhat depressing post the other day, I decided for a rewrite. Incidentally, I also went for a redesign of my blog.

As to the redesign, I was procrastinating on the blog, trying out new themes lazily and was surprised to see that Independent Publisher 2 actually looks quite nice in the preview. So I spontaneously switched. I also ditched my old Gravatar and header photo because I sort of hated them. The new ones I stole (legitimately took) from a free photobank. I found myself quite engrossed in the process and was pleased with the result, which is an experience I don’t have often. Let’s bask in it.

As to the rewrite, to facilitate positive thinking, I’ll now take the things I complained about in the previous post and will deliberately try to find something good about them. It’s a psychohygiene/awareness exercise for me. I do a lot of these since my stay in the madhouse, but often I don’t really feel it, so I just do it like another task on my to-do list. This might explain why it doesn’t work out that great. So, let’s make it new:

The problem: I’m freezing when stepping out of the shower box.

The positive solution: I’ve always been hypothermic, so tell me something new. Let’s just shut the fufk up and deal with it. (Okay, that’s not as encouraging as I’d hoped, let’s try again.) The good thing about the shower box is that I don’t need to clean it as often as I’d clean a bathtub. Plus, the cat enjoys lapping water from it, and when the cat is happy, I am happy. (How did I do? It’s more positive, no?)

The problem: Some fufker is using my bin.

The positive solution: So what? Actually, I took an affirmative action to deal with it: yesterday was the day when the dustman cometh, so as soon as the bin was emptied, I rolled it back in the tenement backyard, went up in the flat, collected all rubbish I could find and carried it ceremoniously in the bin. Three big bags. I think I can last another week without taking any rubbish out and repeat the same process then. Problem solved.

The problem: The floor of my flat is as crooked as its occupant.

The positive solution: Well, I’m not having floor work done. The good feature of old hardwood floor is that it’s old. Not only is it crooked but also has gaps between the planks, which the cat uses for scratching. Given the age of the floor, my landlord is okay with the cat clawing at it. As to my chair rolling away from the table, I get a free ab workout as I’m trying to prevent it from rolling. Also, when it rolls, the worst thing that can happen is that I hit the bed on the opposite wall. So what.

That much to my freewriting exercise in positive thinking. What do you think?

What I Hated the Least Today 232/365: Moving House

What I Hated the Least Today 232/365: Moving House

I moved house. I pulled it off, which is good because I thought I might not, given how psyched out I am (depression, anxiety, stress, OCD, you name it, I got it). Here are some random observations I made in connection with moving and settling in:

  • Shower box is the most devilish device. Now I know why: I’m never cold when stepping out of a bathtub but always freezing when stepping out of the shower box. The difference must be in the construction: when having a shower in the tub, you heat up the whole bathroom; when showering in a box, you heat up the box and the room remains cool. On an unrelated note, as soon as I open the shower box door, the cat jumps in to lick the water off the tiles. Because soapy water is obviously tastier than the fresh water in her bowl.
  • Rubbish in the bin multiplies tenfold on its own. I throw one rubbish bag in the bin outside, come a few days later with another bag and find the bin filled to the top so that the lid doesn’t even close. So, it’s either that rubbish multiplies, or some bastard neighbour is using my bin.
  • Everything is falling on top of me. Literally. Because of the crooked floors in the flat. It required a great degree of ingenuity to support the wobbly furniture and I’m still somewhat anxious when I walk by that it will topple and flatten me. On the other hand, dying under a bookcase full of my favourite books isn’t a bad way to  go. The floor under my table is crooked so that my chair with wheels keeps on rolling away from the table. I’m considering gluing the wheels so they wouldn’t move.

Overall, my new flat is liveable, though not as comfortable as the previous one. I moved out of necessity rather than for the kick out of it – I couldn’t afford the rent, and I got a sympathy offer from a family member to take the empty flat in a tenement he owns and live there basically rentfree, just paying for the energies and a little extra on top of it. So here I am. I wish I were even more pleased that I didn’t end up under a bridge, but I guess I’m a depressed ungrateful bastard.


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