Thieves respect property. They merely wish the property to become their property that they may more perfectly respect it.

–G. K. Chesterton


Holiday Hop: Prague

I love staring at my computer twelve plus hours a day, remaining within the perimeter of fifteen steps from the house and sleeping in my own bed. In other words, I don’t love holiday, travel and beds that have been slept in promiscuously before me. Yet, since I’ve found my hobby in photography, holiday has been much more enjoyable less annoying.

My recent holiday consisted in a romantic (says hubby) slash uprooting (says me) getaway to Franzensbad via Prague and Carlsbad, all in the middle of nowhere. I mean: all in the Czech Republic, the unchartered space in the middle of civilised Europe. Now, you can’t blame me for lack of patriotism, you see that I chose hubby chose to spend our holiday home.

Prague is considered a picturesque town by foreigners, a land of opportunity by natives, a big mess by locals and tasteless humbug by me. Living in a constant defiance of conventions as I do, I asked our local guide to take us a bit aside from the chief attractions. As a result I have gathered a collection of very nonmainstream and very non-Prague shots from Prague.

Some of my shots are shared in the gallery below. Click the first picture to enter, view larger size pictures and read a description for each. At the end of the day, the holiday was my not-so-Random Moment of Delight for this week and for Firebonnet’s challenge. Coming later are posts with pictures from Carlsbad and Franzensbad. Till then!

#273 Wooden Eyes

#273 Wooden Eyes


No, I’m not quite sure why I called this “Wooden Eyes”; I’m probably just trying to be smart.

#272 Flower Power

#272 Flower Power


Flowers have a strange power which attracts me to fiddle with them. I don’t pluck, I just shoot.


Blogging 201: And They Blogged Happily Ever After

It’s the last day of Blogging 201! Where did all the days go? I demand equal learning opportunity, give me my course back! *stomps foot and waits*

*still waits* While I’m waiting, I can very well dive in today’s task. The instructions say to organise a blogging event or attend a blogging conference. Well, how practical is that? I recall there was about a thousand bloggers signed up for Blogging 201, so if everyone threw a blogging event, who would be left to participate in them? I’m not throwing anything at this point, it’s not like I’m a Great Gatsby or someone who can throw events at their leisure. Maybe later when I’m rich / famous / brilliant / bored (delete as applicable, but I’m sure I’m not going to be any of these, not in my current incarnation).

The idea of a blogging conference is still impractical for my purpose but somewhat less impractical than a blogging event. Now, I meant to write a scathing satire criticising the americentrism of Blogging 201 because I was sure there were no blogging conferences even on my continent. Alas, I was shocked to discover that there was already one WordPress conference held straight in my country. (Again, I doubt there will be any more because we’re not this kind of guys here, but the fact that there were enough bloggers in this forsaken land to justify a blogging conferenced amazed me.)

So, I’m putting these tasks on my to-do-later list, and that’s a wrap! (*bursts into uncontrollable sobs*) Thank you for indulging me and for being my best ever classmates!



Rain today,

Frost tonight,

Ice tomorrow.

#271 A Vandal’s Heart

#271 A Vandal’s Heart


This surely is vandalism, but you can’t deny that said vandal put his heart in it.


Blogging 201: On Space Suits and Monetisation

Today’s task on Blogging 201 is to put on our SEO suit. Suit what? Is it something like an anti-radiation suit? And should I bring a gas mask too? (I’m good with gas masks, I’ve had gas mask drills since kindergarten, so I handle gas masks like a piece of cake. – And no, I don’t eat gas masks, I meant that figuratively, you nit-picker, you!)

Full disclosure: I know what SEO is, and I was just pulling your leg. (Better than pulling your hair, right?) I also know that, because I mentioned the phrase “gas mask” five times in the previous paragraph, this article will be thrown up by search engines anytime some poor paranoid soul (or police department) searches gas masks.  (Poor policeperson, you.)

Embed from Getty Images

Wait. I just noticed the assignment instructions say CEO suit, not SEO suit. Now, SEO I can take, but CEO is all space suit to me. (I think the saying is “It’s all Greek to me,” but I like space suit better. It’s to the same effect too.) Apparently, I need this suit to start monetising my blog, which is the point of today’s task. So, you say my blog could stop eating money and start earning some?

That’s too good to be true. For the sake of exercise, I researched the options available and found that none of them is a natural match for me. (What a shock!) I don’t even qualify for some of the ad affiliates for the logical yet comical reason that I neither blog from nor cater for civilised parts of the world. So, with my (figurative!) tail between my legs, it’s time to crawl back in my clay hut.

#270 Moss and Sawdust

#270 Moss and Sawdust


I’d love to shoot epic subjects; sadly, there’s very little epic (or lyric, for the case) in our backyard. Indulging in self-torture as I do, I frequent a particular spot in the yard and document the growth of this one patch of moss in the course of time. For your information, the moss has been looking like this for months. A very dynamic subject.


Blogging 201: Make My Blog Yours Too!

Today’s task on Blogging 201 consists in making a poll or a survey. I can create any number of polls that you like, what bothers me is the other end of the polling process. Speaking for myself, there is next to nothing that can make me take a poll, not to mention a survey. Perhaps I’m polled-out (like burnt-out) owing to over-poll (like over-work). Now I only do really important polls and tests (such as a questionnaire that tested how I would taste to a cannibal – it said I’d taste like undercooked fish).

Blogging is however an act of optimism, and so here I go with my own little poll. I’m genuinely interested in what you the readers prefer to see on this blog: pictures, texts, both? Are you aware that I stick to a weekly editorial calendar, publishing certain kinds of posts on certain days, and if so, does it make any difference to you? And above all, how on earth am I supposed to squeeze these questions in a simple poll that wouldn’t take you half your lifetime to answer? Here’s my go at it.

By taking any of these polls, you waive your right to remain silent. Once you waived your right for silence, you may as well go and leave a comment below. Everything you say may and will be used against for you. I expect there will be a follow-up task on this as part of Blogging 201, but even if it’s not, I’ll take your suggestions seriously. You feedback will help me make my blog yours too!