Poetry 101 Rehab: Thaw

Poetry 101 Rehab: Thaw

Do you miss the Writing 201: Poetry course by the Daily Post? Then join this blogging challenge, Poetry 101 Rehab, that will provide your poetry fix!

How it works

Each Monday at 01:00 pm UTC I will publish a poetry prompt along with my response to it. You are invited to answer the prompt, twist it or ignore it; write a poem of your own or share a poem by another author.

I would love to hear about your inspiration, your creative process or other poetry related thoughts, but this is no way obligatory. Nothing is obligatory in this challenge, the idea is to get together, talk poetry and have fun!

How You can Join

Anyone can participate, anytime you want. Publish your poetry post and add a link to it to the InLinkz link-up below my post, or share your link in a comment. Use the tag Poetry 101 Rehab, so we can find each other in the Reader.

I will act as your hostess, and I’ll be here for you to reply your comments, read your verses, like and comment. While my blog is the starting point for the challenge, do visit fellow poets in the link-up and chat to them on their blogs!


The Prompt: Thaw

Cold feet

That won’t get warm

Frozen heart

That will not thaw





Like a corpse

On the slab


This week’s prompt is fresh and sprightly: THAW. My somewhat gloomy poem elaborates on the keyword in a figurative sense. You can do the same and describe what you associate with the word THAW. Or you can go for a literal meaning and talk about snow melting and spring coming to the northern hemisphere. What will your take on the keyword THAW be? Blog about it in a poetry post and share your link below!

78 thoughts on “Poetry 101 Rehab: Thaw

    1. The image is puzzling, isn’t it? The fact is I myself don’t know what I captured. It’s a macro image but I have no idea what precisely the plant or what is… The poem is more post-clinical, I guess, as long as clinic is followed by the mortuary… I’m in morbid mood today, sorry 😮

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        1. Oh dear, sure, I’m very well, I just write depressive poems… I’m so sorry to scare you 😮 It’s true though that I live next to a hospital and when I go out to the terrace, I can see what I believe is a mortuary, hence probably my inspiration…

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          1. Sorry about the closed linkup, I accidentally posted this a day earlier, which is why the linkup wasn’t open yet when you came – as an early bird 😉

            I love it that your take on the prompt talks about cold hearts… Your piece is quite forceful, it actually made me think what little act of kindness I could do right now. And I think I know. Thank you for this!

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    1. Thank you so much for joining in the Rehab again, I’m happy to see you! I messed up the post scheduling: clearly I don’t know the difference between Sunday and Monday, as I accidentally posted this 24 hours earlier! That’s why the linkup isn’t working yet… Sorry about that and thanks that it didn’t discourage you 🙂 Here’s to spring!

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  1. mmmh this one could be a challenge for me given that thawing anything other than a steak is rare down under (pardon the pun!) 🙂


    1. I’m happy that you made the prompt your own – thawing indeed seems to offer a plenty of possibilities of interpretation, and I do like it that you went for the figurative rather than the literal interpretation. Your piece is superb!

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      1. Thank you so much for the kind words! I shall be back weekly for the foreseeable future! Keep doing what you are doing! 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and for joining in the rehab again! I don’t feel like you’re repeating yourself – it’s impossible to be truly original, I suppose, and what’s life than a series of repetitions… I’m a huge fan of depressive poems, especially anti-love poems, if I may put it so – your take on the topic works for me therefore very well!


    1. Your poems are about life as it is – this appeals to me a lot. I hope you’re doing fine, and I think that if a person doesn’t grant forgiveness to you, s/he doesn’t deserve you… I’m using the general “you” here, whether or not it applies to your situation…

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      1. Oh my situation is fine… But i have often been iced out. I do not hold grudges well and would target take undeserved blame than be issued the silent treatment. 🙂 🙂 But my true friends are made up of wonderful forgivers… 🙂


      1. Thank you so much.. 🙂
        You poem was the inspiration to pen it down. I scribbled the past with dark.. and then slowly made it bright with present and future perspective…
        Thank you so much for the lovely prompt.. 🙂


  2. Another great prompt, i’ll be back with my poem in a day or two or so… what fantastic responses again and all so quick off the mark! 🙂 Great show all and thank you again Mara for running this challenge. b4n 🙂


    1. I know, right, you guys are just amazing in how fast you come with your responses! And all the responses so far have been more than relevant and great – I’m loving it… It’s me who should be grateful to you all for taking part and making this happen…

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    1. It is a very unique scene that you build up in your poem! I love it – it’s both comforting and discomforting at once, if that makes any sense, both pleasant and nagging… A great poem, thank you very much for sharing it!

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      1. lol, that’s great if it made you laugh, I enjoyed writing it – although I’d meant to do something else, another one that just fell out onto the page 🙂


  3. I am really amazed at how inspirational your prompts are @ Mara . This just great.
    And I love to read the other poems 🙂 – yours too by the way.

    Here’s my post to this prompt:

    PS: It hasn’t occured to me that it wasn’t the most recent prompt I have first responded to so.. thanks for mentioning it – although I like how that prompt turned out for me and for our fellow bloggers.


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! It’s my pleasure to have you around, and I’m excited that you challenged yourself to respond even this prompt. Stay tuned in tomorrow when the next prompt will be published 😉 Hope you’ll enjoy! Have a great day meanwhile!

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      1. I will. I have lessons on Tuesday so I will have plenty of time then 😉 (Seriously, I have stopped counting how many poems I have written during lessons long before)

        I am looking forward to the prompt 🙂 Enjoy what’s left of your weekend!


  4. A short poem about the spring thaw and hoarfrost and a dandelion clock: http://wp.me/p5BCD4-6H (with photograph) Al and I both love the cold. The reading on thermometer in the basement, this evening, is delightfully frosty. 😀

    It feels good to me to have the prompts all caught up, now. Now, I had better get to bed, because I have to get up and remove the yogurt from its incubator in four hours, or it will be overstated.


    1. Oh dear, now I feel a bit bad that I distracted you with my poetry prompts from the everyday tasks, like minding the yogurt… I am however happy that I now have a complete collection of your poems for all of the prompts! Your poetry is very varied and it surprises me each time. Thank you for it!

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      1. I rescued the yogurt a *little* bit late – 12 hrs, 15 min. Turned out nicely, though. I am happy you enjoy the variety.

        In case you didn’t follow my posts for Writing 201, you might sometime enjoy taking a look at quiltedpoetry.net, the dropdown menu for my Writing 201 Poetry Assignments. I’ve got the assignments, and then Week 1, Week 2, and the weekend poem. Writing a poem a day was fun, but so was catching up when I got behind, and writing them one after another, and there was joyful, sometimes downright silly variety.

        I took particular satisfaction from the ballad (Monday of Week 2) that wrote itself in response to the name of the form. And I finally completed, at last to my satisfaction, a sonnet that I wrote in 1967.


        1. You’re right, the WordPress courses are fun but demanding as well – I took many of them and it always created in me a sense of obligation to complete all the tasks. You finished a sonnet from 1967? Wow! That’s very unique! I think congratulations are due!


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