Photo 101 Rehab: Street Life

Photo 101 Rehab: Street Life


It’s been a long and hard withdrawal time since my last visit to Lucile’s Photo 101 Rehab. Now I’m back with vengeance and with a street life photo. As always, the photo was shot with Nikon D80 and post-processed in Corel PaintShop with the following major edits:

  • correcting the perspective
  • enhancing sharpness, clarity and contrast
  • applying a strong local tone mapping filter
  • desaturating all colours except yellow
  • using a dark vignette effect

16 thoughts on “Photo 101 Rehab: Street Life

    1. Thanks for your warm welcome, fellow inmate. I had a hard choice between keeping the yellow and keeping the red in the edit, but then went for the yellow in an attempt to be more original than my usual…

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    1. Yes, red and yellow were very prominent in the original picture, and though my first impulse was to desaturate all colours but red, I eventually tried it with yellow – it’s about experimenting, right? 😉

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