Fun with Literary Classics

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If Classic Writers Wrote for the Internet…

If Classic Characters Had Mugshots…

If Classic Writers Could Read These Reviews…

38 thoughts on “Fun with Literary Classics

    1. I’m glad that my picks pleased you, I found these quite entertaining too! I find a lot of similar materials on BuzzFeed, Bored Panda, Stumble Upon, Huffington Post and such sites, but it’s a huge waste of time… It’s good though that sometimes one can find serious material presented in a fun way there.

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    1. If you find those reviews of classics hilarious, you would love the reviews that my students submit to me in their Academic Writing course. It’s often in a very similar vein! I grew slightly immune to the often ridiculous comments they produce… I should start posting their work on Amazon!

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    1. Thank you, humanoid, for sharing our android fun here πŸ˜‰ The negative reviews of classics are unfortunately very much what I read when my class of Academic Writing students submits their papers…

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