Tree Climber


Ella enjoys climbing but doesn’t enjoy winter very much.

35 thoughts on “Tree Climber

    1. Haha, yes, you put it very well and I quite concur: no climbing and no winter please. Thanks for stopping by and supporting fellow winter haters ๐Ÿ˜‰


      1. She’s so sweet. I had a cat named Smokey. I had him from about my 9th birthday. He was over 16 when he passed away, but what a life he had! There are some stories!! I loved him and he loved me, he didn’t like anyone else. Because of Smokey, I have a soft spot for cats as well.
        ….But I do love puppies!! Mine is standing at the front door right now, growling ferociously at a neighbourhood cat, who’s just sitting there, flicking her tail….. Naughty!


        1. Oh that’s perfect! A dog lady who is also an undercover cat lady! Have you got pictures of Smokey? It would be lovely to make a post about him maybe, if occasion arises… I’m curious! I do understand your bond with him, my cat likes very much no one else but me either… And though I am a cat lady, I could find a soft spot for some cute puppies too!

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          1. Marvelous idea. I will find some pics, they will be very old, only printed, and I may be in them in some questionable outfits from the 80s!


          2. Oh that’s even better! Yay to film photos! I have some of those too and sometimes use them on the blog… And never mind questionable period outfits ๐Ÿ˜‰

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          3. There’s one more that I’m trying to find, my whole family is scouring through photo albums at their house and I’ve got a couple here too…


  1. Spectacular image. What mesmerizing eyes! Ella is such a beauty.

    I once lived with a snow-cat. I think I’ve mentioned him briefly before- Buddha. He had giant paws and loved to make snowballs. He would ludically toss them up into the air and they would land on the head of a grouchy Katey Blue, the one quite ready to go back inside (unless it was time to go sledding or going down a snow-slicked slide, then she was excited, but that’s a different story…)


    snowy toad


    1. Thank you! But seriously? A snowball cat? Is that even possible?! I’m in awe… I must tell Ella that she’s a loser when she doesn’t make snowballs. I might at least try to teach her make snow angels…


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