Another Instaweek

Another Instaweek

I’m still on Instagram. And still taking pictures of crap. This week I couldn’t have even been bothered to take pictures of proper crap, so I’d just point my phone camera in a random direction and call the result abstract, conceptual and minimalist. That’s a polite way of saying that something is plain dumb and shows zero effort.

26 March: Still traumatised by a blackout that happened forever ago and caught me in the act of not having a torch, I purchased a candle holder. Cheaper than a torch and doesn’t need batteries.
27 March: The Day of the Triffids. That’s another trauma of mine, this time a childhood one. Ever since I read this book, I’ve been wary of plants. Admit it. This plant looks so scary.
28 March: I was forced to sew a button back on my pants so I could wear them and I hated it.
29 March: I unregistered from paying radio broadcast fees and since I now officially must not own a radio, I tossed my unused radio alarm on the shoe rack, ready to take it to the pawn shop. By the shape of its loop aka noose, I assume the device suggests I hang myself.
30 March: You think you’re seeing a night light show? You’ll never believe me but it’s really a picture of bubbles on my coffee shot with flash. Yep.
31 March: That’s not a disused flag but my bed sheets. Changing the bed was the highlight of the day. I so much hate doing it, jumping from one end of the bed to the other and trying to fit the supposedly fitted sheet.
1 April: I’m either twelve or I never grew up because journaling in these super cute notebooks is super idiotic when an adult does it. I apologise if you’re doing it too. I don’t mean you, I mean me.


19 thoughts on “Another Instaweek

  1. Radio fees? Really? We abolished those about 50 years ago. Can’t you stream it thru your computer? My favourite was the bubbles in your coffee pot. I too look at large plants with the suspicion one might a triffid.


    1. Now I want to move over to your country. TV and radio fees were obligatory for all people with electricity in their homes until a recent change that made it more logical, so now when you don’t own these devices, you don’t have to pay the fees. You can stream online broadcasting on the computer, but it’s just a selection of programmes, it’s not the same broadcast as on the actual TV/radio. I don’t do it anyway, I don’t need to watch TV or listen to the radio. I’m fine with what I find online.

      I’m pleased I’m not the only one who was terrified by triffids. And I still am. The bubbles in my coffee are so fascinating, aren’t they? I mean, I’m not boasting or anything, but how amazing it is that such a simple thing as the surface of coffee poured in a mug can produce such unexpected effects.

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  2. Why is the image of the two blue translucent bottles and the red translucent bottle so harrowing? It sounded like you had tragic history related to it. Particularly the red one, but I couldn’t tell for sure.


  3. The second image in scraggly-armed black-and-white sidled right into my subconscious. I found that image absolutely haunting and thrilling. What a shot.

    Because I am a bumpkin and did not know what a “Triffid” was, I had a stroll with it, arm in arm, around Google-Land. Fascinating. I shall have to make note of it in the journal I don’t use for journaling.




    1. The photo you singled out is my favourite too. It’s interesting what one notices when one takes time too look at ordinary things. It’s OK not to know triffids. You were better off for it, no? Sorry to ruin your day with it!

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