Weekly Photo Challenge: Smile (if You Can)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Smile (if You Can)

In response to WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Smile.

I colour. Colour is used as a verb here. I do not identify myself with colour, as in I am a colour. Though, if I were a colour, I’d totally be pitch-black.


14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Smile (if You Can)

  1. Good timing. I was just revisiting one of my sketchbooks, Japanese made, with ink inside. Some of the ink is black but I wouldn’t say it’s dark. Anyway.


  2. I can’t normally smile, and when I do it manipulates me, which is American; also I smile at the wrong things without my permission, against me behind my back.


  3. Lol if you were a colour you would be pitch black. I think it suits you, though. Black is mysterious and it’s also a no-nonsense colour. On the subject of smiling, many people say I need to smile more. Well, nothing wrong with not smiling. What’s worse is smiling and not meaning it because you’re just kidding yourself.

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    1. Words of wisdom, Mabel. Seriously. I have this nervous kind of smile that is always on when I deal with people, and I think it’s discomforting for everyone involved.

      I hear that black is not even a proper colour because it doesn’t occur naturally in nature – I’m not sure it’s true. I love it how you associate it with mystery and no-nonsense. No-nonsense is so much thing!

      Thank you for your kind words and food for thought!


      1. Now that you mention black is not even a proper colour, it makes me think of how black is mainly formed when light disappears or more broadly when the sun goes down each day. So maybe it is not a proper colour after all…it is what is left when everything else is gone.


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