What I’ve Been Up To on Instagram

What I’ve Been Up To on Instagram

As per usual, I haven’t been up to anything, which I duly documented on Instagram. If you’re interested in how you can document nothing, scroll down to see the thing which is nothing.

Feb 19: I had my haircut and the hairdresser wrapped me in a burka.ย 
Feb 20: You know you’re old when you start drinking decaf. The abomination.
Feb 21: It’s Wednesday! It’s bin takeout day! My life is filled with exciting events. Not.
Feb 22: I’m pleased the cat likes her play box but I wish I didn’t have bits of cardboard strewn all over the place.
Feb 23: The cat is the best anyway.
Feb 24: A different slant of light created by a water of glass just sitting there on the table.
Feb 25: My business trip begins. More on that later. When I recover from the trauma.

18 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Up To on Instagram

  1. To Munich eh? I have been there, albeit, very briefly on a tour through Europe, beer halls and very large pretzels with even larger sausage.


    1. Haha, you’re right, I didn’t even notice because beer is a huge thing in my culture too and pretzels are not uncommon either. I was too busy noticing others things, such as where to get a bottle of water (since they always rob you of your water at security check-in) and where to smoke legally.

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  2. Cat is adorable. Light on water is ‘out of this world.’ Yes, the very post that you could use this for. You do nothing quite well. Great photos, Mara.


  3. Here are my nothing comments on your nothings – your wheelie bin has a huge crack in it, careful, it may be compromised; water and light are illuminating; cat is obviously exhausted after all that cardboard chewing; a business trip? I must have missed some of your posts! Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Thank you for drawing my attention to the poor health of my bin. Would you believe that I didn’t notice the crack before? Damn it. That’s one thing I can’t blame on the cat ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I yet have to blog about my business trip, though there isn’t much to tell: it was exhausting, so my memory of it is just a blur. And it was boring.

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    1. Decaf means old for me because when I was younger, I could take as much caffeine as I wanted and nothing would happen. Now when I have too much coffee, I get too anxious. A bother.


  4. How’s your garbage collection service? Mine does not purge our house of unclean things, which I think would be standard.


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