A Week in Instant Pictures

A Week in Instant Pictures

You know how I always say that I’ve been up to nothing? Well, this week I’ve been up to so much shit! Still, I somehow miraculously contrived to make it look like I’ve been nowhere and done nothing. See for yourself.

Feb 26: Calm waters run deep? I think this sign is here in case someone drowns in a puddle of their own saliva and wishes to press charges. Because people are crazy.
Feb 27: I’m all for balls, I love balls, but not served like this. This is just perverse.
Feb 28: The hotel challenge starts. The goal is to find your room. For advanced players: find your room while drunk.
March 1: The best memory from my business trip are the smoking lounges at airports. Heavenly.
March 2: On departing from my hotel, I helped myself to some soap. Because I’m fucking poor and I need it more than the hotel.
March 3: The inevitable post-travel angina/flu is here. I’m wearing all I have. Indoors.
March 4: Still ill and can’t even…


21 thoughts on “A Week in Instant Pictures

    1. That’s actually a quiz question. I have no idea! It’s an inflated balloon with a framed painting behind it but why the balloon is decorated with smaller balloons and what the fuck it’s supposed to do or mean I have no clue.

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  1. What they all asked!! Sorry you got sick. And, BTW, I always help myself to the hotel soaps. I paid for it after all, so why not! Hope you get better real soon xxx


    1. Ha! So other people grab hotel soaps too! Good to know. I was thinking if I was the only thieving person. So to say, thieving. You’re right though. You paid for it…

      The strange picture is a decoration of some kind, it was so weird, some floating balloons, and I wonder what it was supposed to represent.

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      1. Modern art is an enigma at times. I remember when one of my nephews was very little, We all went along to view an art exhibition. On the lawn outside the gallery there was a drunk who had passed out. He asked ‘Mummy, is that a decoration too?”

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  2. You sound like you’re not telling the whole story.

    That was dirty. These words don’t work. What I mean is, you gave away a lot of info with the passport, but it was suspiciously luxurious. So maybe that hints that the trip was unpleasant interrupted by your photos? I don’t know. But thanks for letting me play detective for two posts.


    1. Oh of course I’m not telling the whole story! No one does. The story is never whole. I think.

      I assure you that the trip was unpleasant because I don’t enjoy anything. Now I’m wondering what else to add to clarify the mystery but I’m not sure what the mystery is. Hmm.


  3. At first the hallway looked like a fun child’s game. Now it looks harrowing. (Lots of things look harrowing these days.)


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