Developing Your Eye II: Candle Warmth

Developing Your Eye II: Candle Warmth

Part of WordPress’s photography course Developing Your Eye II.

I’m so challenged. I hardly completed one WordPress challenge when I signed up for another. It’s apparently becoming a fix for me. The good news is that my new challenge doesn’t involve ranting writing but shitty snaps photography.

If you’re interested in jumping on the bandwagon (no pressure), the link to the course is provided above (and no, I don’t get any money or free coffee if you subscribe on my recommendation). It’s self-served and once you subscribe, you’ll start receiving daily prompts by email . If you’ve by any chance taken an older photography course on WordPress, Photo 101, this is the same thing (as I found out later).

I’m retaking the course because I forgot what it was about anyway, plus this time I’m actually reading the instructions and taking a photo specifically for each prompt (rather than just fishing in the archives). The first prompt is Warmth and the task was to focus on different directions and sources of light. So I shot a candle. The photo doesn’t in the least show the efforts I took to produce and post-produce it.

16 thoughts on “Developing Your Eye II: Candle Warmth

  1. I wish you had more confidence in your photo skills, perhaps you can use that to your advantage as a personal challenge to improve? Your subjects are good. ❤️


      1. Awww your so sweet Mara! Some people have the natural knack for photos, others like me have had to work at it. Takes time and tons of photos that will be deleted. When I go snap happy, I’ll take around 200 photos a day, then weed out the bad ones at home.


        1. Wow, that’s a lot of photos to take in a day! But I’ve noticed you’re quite prolific 😀 I sometimes have days when I take lots of pictures and then for weeks I don’t take any at all because I don’t feel like it. shrug

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          1. Yeah I’m a photo nut. Which is I guess why my humble site that has so few visits was recently convened to a photo blog. Cuz I’m no writer!


          2. I think that if you’re getting fewer hits, it might have to do with your transfer to self-hosted. It’s a known issue that sometimes self-hosted blogs’ posts don’t show in the Reader – which is accidentally what happened for me with your last few posts. I checked your site directly because I was thinking, hey, what happened, did you stop posting? And there were new posts, which are btw pretty great. The boats and things.


    1. If you care about doing this photo course along with me, just say and I’ll wait! It’s really the same course as the original Photo 101. I thought it’s different but it’s not. I don’t mind though.

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  2. reading the instructions…see, that always trips me up. I am not a fan of reading me instructions. Just give me the quick and dirty and I will (attempt to) figure it out. Light the way, Mara!


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