13 thoughts on “245/365

    1. Oh dear, this is very spooky, though I’m not easily scared. The contrast of the sun and the ghost is greatly done, and the silent whisperers… *shudders*

      I find it fascinating that you are able to find inspiration in my modest snaps, your poems exceed my pictures. Which is good 🙂 It feels nice to think of oneself as a muse!

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      1. Might be… Or maybe also that large apartment complex reminded me of some sort of “beaulieu” where usually people living there are filled with problems and rather sadish… and yes, in contrast with the cheerful beauty of the sunrays. It’s a great shot!


        1. Yes, that’s true. It is this kind of social housing where people are generally not very happy. But then, it’s not the worst in the town, it’s actually quite a tolerable place to live. It was shot near my place, but I live in a new building – curiously erected among old buildings.

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          1. That might look funny, in between old buildings! I used to live in Malešice down in Prague and we dearly called it “Malesh*thole” – although it was one of those big ugly buildings full of apartments I loved it there ❤


          2. It was a dream come true! First time I ever visited I knew I’d yearn to live there for a while. In the end it was only for a couple of months. I did my English degree there *lol*


          3. It’s funny to study English in Prague, but surely why not! I’m by extension proud that you enjoyed your stay. It’s only another person’s perspective that makes one appreciate what one has, such as one’s own capital city.

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          4. I know what you mean – every time I hear someone say something nice about my motherland it fills me up with pride ❤ One likes seeing strangers feeling good about your own country.

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