Box It; or, Organising with the Mara Method

Recently I read an interesting post on My Messy World about organising with the Konmari Method. When I saw that Karla used Curver boxes to store her things, I felt compelled to come out to her as an organising freak, Curver ware fan and general box lover. (I love boxes even more than my cat does, which is a lot.)

Not knowing what she was asking for, Karla suggested that I share my own ideas for organising. In keeping with the mood of the Boxing Day, here’s my own take on it. It’s organising with the Mara Method, or, when in doubt, box it.

While this is not a sponsored post, I encourage the Curver manufacturer to pay me for this endorsement – preferably with boxes. Also, if you wish to use a free version of the box-it method, cardboard boxes will do just fine. Though the images below may be misleading, please note that a cat is not required for the Mara Method.

12 thoughts on “Box It; or, Organising with the Mara Method

  1. Excellent! There are certain parts of this I will adopt. Haven’t seen these boxes before, but will have a look next time in Walmart. Our pantry is a mess, but in the bathroom there’s hardly room for any boxes, unfortunately. At least not the way you had it organised.

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    1. Wow, I actually managed to inspire you a little? Now, this is more than I expected. Most people laugh at me (though good-heartedly) for me being so excessively organised.

      I live in a bedsit but I live alone (plus a cat), and the place is good size, so, believe it or not, I have plenty of space. (I know, I know, who says they have plenty of space? But I really do…) Of course, it helps a lot that I moved three times in the past dozen years or so, so I got rid of lots of stuff in the process.

      Happy organising!


    1. I’m sorry my post threw you in the depths of despair… I had a good starting position for organising – moving. So it was just natural that I got rid of unnecessary things and thought about how to organise the rest anew. See, I had an unfair advantage!

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  2. …Galactic!!! I love it!!! It inspires me so much and makes me want to throw everything out the window and re-boot my life with curver boxes and fill them with only what I need… Alas, that would be a somewhat lunatic idea, but the inspiration is kept dearly within me ❤ Thank you so much for that – and for the whole blog with the many pictures – love them!!! Love the cat litter box – my oh my, how fancy – it's even closed so the cat REALLY has its privacy…^^ x-D Oh and I got the same pink mascara tube – it's, next to "lashes to kill" from catrice, my favourite one for every day life 🙂

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    1. Wow, thank you so much! I’m seriously overjoyed that we managed to share our organised experience this way – and that we both find it inspiring. You can keep on thinking about new ways to organise when you’ll be moving places, but it’s clear that you’re doing excellent with your purge project. Very neat and sustainable too.

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  3. I love these boxes and I’ve never heard of them. A quick online search seems to suggest they are as rare as hen’s teeth in Canada. I’m looking for a new cat carrier and their design is amazing!! I’m going to have to keep looking. Thanks 🙂


    1. I’m happy to inspire a little 🙂 It’s a shame that these particular boxes are difficult to get for you. I entirely forgot to post a picture of my cat carrier, which is also Curver. It’s this one, except I have in dark brown: I like the cat litter box by Curver the most, it’s of course a practical thing, but since I have it in the bathroom, I didn’t want it to look ugly either.

      Btw, those regional differences are awful, the other day I was trying to subscribe to paid video streaming, but there are no options for my region. No Netflix, no Amazon video. It seems that the only option is pirating 😮 I couldn’t even order HBO online because that would require me to have HBO TV as well – I don’t own a TV set.

      Anyway, happy hunting!


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