Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art

Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art


If I were asked by some misguided soul to produce cover art for a work of art, I’d go with the above photo of Olomouc for the song below set in Olomouc. Both the photo and the song are quirky and stylised, hence a match.

In case you wonder, Olomouc is a small town in the Czech Republic, a miniature Prague. The song appears to deal with an elderly married couple playing sex role games in a hotel room, but I wouldn’t know.

In response to WordPress Photo Challenge: Cover Art.

25 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art

    1. Awe, I’m glad you like the quirkiness of the song! I haven’t actually decided yet if I hate or love the video, but the song works for me 🙂 The lyrics are lyrical and don’t translate well; they’re relatively meek when compared to the video, but nice, I think. Here’s a rough translation of the conclusion of the song, called “In a Hotel Room in Olomouc”:

      I can hardly breathe, you were wild like a beast
      Now you’re asleep, reconciled with everything
      I grab my shoes
      Ready to disappear in the morning dawn
      I kiss you, this I can do
      It’s my husband I’m kissing
      You know, change is good
      See you next Friday in Kroměříž

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    1. Thank you a lot! If you’re interested, I just added a bit of translated lyrics from the song in the comments 😉 It’s nothing special, but it’s a new addition and my first attempt at translating lyrics…


        1. Haha, thanks for reading my first attempt 🙂 I didn’t even realise what precisely the song was about before I saw the lyrics printed on my screen and I saw it as a coherent whole…


  1. I thought it was FABULOUS! It reminds me of the animated film ‘the sisters of Belleville’ (sp?), it has that same kind of feel though the subject matter is very different. Three thumbs up!


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