Test Yourself

Test Yourself

I love tests, the sillier the better! Here are some silly and some smart ones for you to try out too.

Your Victorian Penname

This test is designed for writerly ladies, who would need a gender non-specific pseudonym in the Victorian era. Or else they could just claim that their work was a translation because apparently, female writers were a shame, while female translators were okay.

Get your name here.

My Victorian pen name would be Meriwether Evans. I could never spell this right.
My Victorian pen name would be Meriwether Evans. I could never spell this right.

Your Reading Speed

This test tells me that I read 84% faster than American national average, which however equals to the speed of an average college student. Disappointing.

Test your speed here.

I read as slowly as an average college student. Boo.
I read as slowly as an average college student. Boo.

Your Procrastination Level

This test didn’t work for me because it insists that I don’t procrastinate that much. They’re fatally wrong.

Test yourself here.

They're very wrong. *mean laugh*
They’re very wrong. *mean laugh*

21 thoughts on “Test Yourself

    1. Glad that my test caught your attention! It was an interesting one, and one I never saw before. I retook the test with different texts and tried consciously to read faster to see if I could get a better result. Well, I got short of 700 wpm on the third try, which is supposedly the speed of a college professor. That satisfied me, being actually something like a college professor 😉 Your reading speed is very good, though, one can’t read too fast as long as one is to understand what one reads…

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  1. This was quite funny, I did the proscrastination one, after an hour of thinking about it and it said this:

    How Bad Of A Procrastinator Are You?

    You checked off 12 out of 36 on this list!
    Hey, look at you! Actually getting shit done, sometimes. You might get distracted here and there, but really it could be so much worse. Nice work.


    1. Oh dear, so you’re quite effective a no procrastinator at all! It was a silly test, I procrastinate much more than my results would suggest… I’m procrastinating right now 😉 Thanks for joining the fun test though!

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      1. i love those tests, my friend put up a bisexual test also the other day that was fun lol. The first test you put up i couldn’t get to work and then I panicked with the speed reading haha


          1. i did panic with the speed readign when i realized i had to answer questions afterwards lol. re the test i got 37% which is quite low which surprised me lol


  2. Meriweather Krood? Damn, the name really IS cruel. And hey Mara, I read faster than you, 659 words per minute, making me 164% faster than an average American (incidentally, the speed of a college professor). And I’m a great procrastinator, but that test gave me only 6/36. Fatally wrong 😛


    1. Meriweather Krood? Ugh… Not very nice… I should be grateful for my Meriweather Evans or whatever…

      Whew, you’re a hell of a speed reader! That’s a pleasant discovery, isn’t it? And yes, the procrastination test got it all wrong with me too *evil laugh* 😉


  3. Interesting Mara oh sorry Meriwether Evans from Kent Gibbons! I will check out the other two later. Very interesting and clever post 🙂


    1. Haha, Meriwether Evans indeed is a name I wouldn’t choose for myself, unless as a punishment. But Kent Gibbons? Huh, that’s possibly even worse… Glad that my fun post caught your interest!

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