On a Walk

On a Walk


Yesterday hubby and me went for a walk. This is unique in itself because it only happens once in four years or so. Like the Olympics.

When a group of random teenagers passing by respectfully wished us a good day, hubby sadly observed that we must have  grown old. I was delighted, though, that kids finally stopped yelling obscenities at me and started to treat me as the little old lady that I am to them.

Here’s to teenagers, to whom you’re either dead or a zombie when you’re over thirty.

In response to FireBonnet’s Random Moments of Delight challenge #8.

24 thoughts on “On a Walk

    1. Aaww, thank you so much! I love this silly photo for exactly the reason you state… And yes, teenagers used to shout at me, either approvingly or disapprovingly, depending probably on whether they liked the look of me or not – those youngsters today! It was really a pleasant surprise when those teenagers yesterday addressed me so politely – maybe they were scared by my husband!


        1. Yes, my husband is very scary because he’s basically bald; also, he’s robustly built (euphemism for slight overweight) and has a very grim expression on his face. He has to, he works as a debt collector…

          I don’t know why teenagers shout at me but they do. Maybe I attract weird people? (See also my husband. Haha.) 😀


          1. Lol…your husband sounds like mine! Mines big and bald too, his heads quite shiny and sweats whenever he eats anything spicy! He’s always frowning too and says he just looks like that!


          2. Oh no I didn’t want to kill you!!! Honestly wave the spoon it works well!!! Shout “I know a British woman who will spank your cheeky bums”. Good idea?


  1. Ah yes the invisible-ness of being over 30… ain’t it lovely? I’m afraid hubby and I are close to being the ‘looks like granny’ age. But whatever! Love your shot (and your comment about walking only once every 4 years). And thanks so much for sharing your post on RMoD. So fun!


    1. If that’s any comfort to you, I’m sure people under twenty don’t make any distinction if you’re 30+ or 40+ or whatever… And you totally don’t look like granny. Seriously. Thanks for having me on RMD!


  2. Nice pic!
    To think that in 10 years’ time,I’ll be thirty too… 😮
    But well,30 is not old! This brings to mind one of my favourite quotes from one of my favourite novels,The God of Small Things,also the Man Booker Prize Winner in 1997:

    ”Thirty-one. Not old. Not young. But a viable die-able age.”


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