Finding Everyday Inspiration: An Aha Moment

Finding Everyday Inspiration: An Aha Moment

Part of WordPress’s writing course Finding Everyday Inspiration.

Remember my yesterday’s post when I was wrapping up this writing challenge? It turns out I was a day early. I did think it curious that the twenty-day challenge lasted nineteen days, but I deemed it safe to assume that either I or WordPress couldn’t count. I was somewhat surprised to receive the final prompt after I’d called it a day. Appropriately, the last prompt is about aha moments. Obviously, my most recent aha moment is being prompted to write something for the twentieth time, literally.

The exciting thing about being a clueless idiot is the number of aha moments you have every single day. For example, the word aha. My aha moment when the aha prompt arrived in my mailbox was, besides the sheer fact of its existence, that the word aha is even used in English. Since I’m Slavic-centred, I believed it was a Slavic thing. In my language, when you want to say you’ve had an aha moment, you literally say Aha, whereas in English, I understand you say I see. You see? Aha!

Slavic, specifically Czech interjections, like aha, are otherwise completely different from English ones. You ejaculate differently in different languages. (Or you interject? Whichever. Get your mind out of the gutter if it’s ejaculating there.) For example, when you’re in pain, you don’t scream ouch but au (a shout-out to AUstralians). When you’re in the opposite of pain, you don’t scream Oh my god but just ááá (individual variations may occur). And when you see a kitten, you don’t go aww but jéé. So when I comment jéé on your kitten photo, don’t go Google Translate.

See the hugging kittens top right? Aww! (or, Jéé!)

11 thoughts on “Finding Everyday Inspiration: An Aha Moment

  1. Great post, as usual. The Greeks, of course, had a fully conjugated verb for it (Eureka!) and regarded ejaculation or interjection of any kind as a waste of vital mental energy. No wonder they regarded Germanic, Slavic and Pictish folk such as you and I as irredeemable barbarians. Still, we have more fun and don’t have to waste time thinking about how to conjugate a verb when in pleasure or pain!

    On a more serious note, check out my feedback on this course in my last post. I am aware that I have been importuning you unduly recently with regard to minor technical details. This has been because, in this course, different from others, I have been unable to communicate with the administrators directly.


    1. I agree with the Greeks, the Slavs are barbarians. But I also agree with you, we’re probably having more fun.

      I’ve just had a read through your posts, and I especially loved your anecdotal poems! If you have any tech issues with WordPress, feel free to reach out, I’m happy to help if I can.


    1. Haha, you’re too kind, the idea of me writing a column 😀 Not happening. I’m not particularly skilled as a writer, but as with other things, this isn’t going to prevent me from trying. I’m unreasonably persistent. Thank you, as always, for you comment, I appreciate it very much!


  2. Thanks for the AUssie shoutout. I say aha! I wrote it more than I say it actually. As for ejaculating. I remember asking my dad what that word meant when I was very young and he was shocked that I would ask. I was reading Pollyanna or maybe Anne of Green Gables and the word come up there a lot 😂😂 in the way-of-speaking sense of course!


    1. My first encounter with the word ejaculation in English was similar to yours. I was reading some Victorian fiction and the ladies kept on ejaculating excitedly… Yours is a fun story to share!

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