Literary Lion: Drink Me

Literary Lion: Drink Me

In response to Laura Feasey’s Literary Lion challenge: Drink Me.

Long time nae see.
He stroked the bottle.
Ye cannae face life when yer dry.
Sammy took a gulp.
Ah’ll miss ye when I’m deid.

15 thoughts on “Literary Lion: Drink Me

    1. Awe, thank you a lot! I must admit I was stealing from the likes of Irvine Welsh and James Kelman. From the latter’s book How Late It Was, How Late, I even “borrowed” the character’s name… I have a thing about Scottish writing, so it’s my tribute to it.

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      1. Well you couldn’t find a better pair to steal from. I remember Trainspotting took me such a long time to get through when I was younger – the phonetics and all – but it was worth it! And there is nothing wrong with taking some inspiration from the greats, with your story it was well worth it.


        1. Scots dialect is hard to read, more so for a non-native English speaker, but when I cracked it, it was so rewarding. Trainspotting is one of my absolute favourites, both the book and the film, and it’s a shame that it’s still mostly known as a sensation, not as a work of literature.

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          1. It’s one of my favourite films too, I love a lot of Danny Boyle’s early work! You’re right, although I’m sure Irvine has earned enough credit along the way, oh to be such a successful author!


    1. Thank you! It’s not really my cleverness, I just utilised what I learned from Scottish urban working-class writing… Including the accents. So, basically, I’m a plagiarist 😮

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