Lack of Pain

Lack of Pain

No pain.

How do I know

if I’m live or



12 thoughts on “Lack of Pain

    1. You’re right, sometimes (always?) the lack of pain is better than the pain. Still, I’m the kind of person who always has some health troubles, so I was quite astonished to realise that I’ve been feeling no pain recently. (Un)fortunately, my back started to hurt again today, so I can be confident that I’m alive 🙂

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          1. 🙂 I do okay. And I get to be the first to see your offerings sometimes. That is really something nice. I know it sounds weird, but I enjoy it. 🙂


          2. That’s not weird but very nice. I never suspected I could connect with fellow bloggers on this level when I started blogging! And I’m getting more and more addicted to it…


    1. Ha, Kierkegaard, indeed! I have a love-hate relationship with existentialism, but I’m about to read Simone de Beauvoire’s existentialist feminism for study purposes. So I’ll see…


      1. I guess Second Sex will be among your reading materials! You should tell me how it is,if ever you do read it.I want to read it in the future,but fear it might be (very) heavy.Truth be told,I know someone who has had this book remain on her ‘Currently Reading Box’ on goodreads since January; I think she has given up on reading it! 🙂


        1. Haha 😀 Actually, my copy of The Second Sex arrived yesterday and it is very heavily as to physical dimensions. I’ve read parts of it online and it looked relatively accessible. But then, I’m acquainted with basic concepts of feminism (and, to a lesser concept, existentialism), so it’s not entirely new to me. I admit I don’t mean to read the whole thing, this way I’d never get anywhere, I’ll just pick chapters relevant to my research…


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