Writing 101: Farewell

Writing 101: Farewell

In response to Writing 101, Day 10: Farewell.

By and far


Far and large

Goodbye then

Writing 101: Camouflage

Writing 101: Camouflage

In response to Writing 101, Day 9: Camouflage.

No cover can camouflage

Vacant lots for eyes

Murky subterrain for mind


Lost and abandoned

In a kafkaesque labyrinth

Haunted by white mice

Writing 101: Graffiti

Writing 101: Graffiti

In response to Writing 101, Day 8: Graffiti.

The space of seedy streets

Teems with graffitied screams

Of obscene desires and dreams

Writing 101: Beloved

Writing 101: Beloved

In response to Writing 101, Day 7: Beloved.

Who loves me


Whom I love

No questions asked


Curled up

Next to me

I know her to be

My beloved


Writing 101: Fallacy

Writing 101: Fallacy

In response to Writing 101, Day 6: Fallacy.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

While lorem ipsum lands with a crash on the moon

And plants the red flag of fallacious argument

An Ode to a Drunk Man

An Ode to a Drunk Man

I’m enjoying taking part in the Writing 101: Poetry challenge, and I came to miss my daily prompt today, since there are apparently no classes at the weekend. I also miss an edge to the prompts offered, so I came up with my own subversive prompt.

The inspiration came to me when, perched at my balcony on the top floor in a block of flats, I observed successively a number of intoxicated individuals having a hard time trying to get home from their weekend drinking sessions.

I wrote the poem sober but formatted it drunk.


A drunk man

So gay

Sways like a poplar tree

Schemes to take over the world

Skids on the icy road

Falls and fails

To rise

Feeling not the cold

He falls


And dies


Writing 101: Freedom

Writing 101: Freedom

In response to Writing 101, Day 5: Freedom.

Free from fear

It stands solid

Free from thoughts

It holds its stand

The rock remains


From all

Writing 101: Seconds

Writing 101: Seconds

In response to Writing 101, Day 4: Seconds.

Four seconds

to impact

Free fall

from top floor

A change of heart


Too bad

Too late


Writing 101: Sleep

Writing 101: Sleep

In response to Writing 101, Day 3: Sleep.


Comes lightly

To the kitty

Curled up

On the doormat


Staring quietly

At the lady

Of the house

Blinking slowly


I hate you the least

Writing 101: Reflections

Writing 101: Reflections

In response to Writing 101, Day 2: Reflections.

When mortals reflect

On how to deflect

Gods or fate—

Lights dance

In the clouds

And laugh

In cosmic irony