A “Shocking” Revelation of Why I’m MIA

A “Shocking” Revelation of Why I’m MIA


I’m not even Mia.

Mia is my dumb smartphone. But not even she is a Mia really. (Why, yes, of course I personalise and gender my phone.) My phone is a Xiaomi. That’s an actual brand. And since she’s called Xiaomi by the factory, I didn’t want to confuse her and so I called her Mia.

Mia is also my cat. No, not really. My cat is a tabby by default and an Ella by name, but since she goes miaow, I call her Mia sometimes.

But I’m not a Mia in any way. Except for one. I’m MIA. As in Missing in Action. As in not blogging. Why would I do it? I wouldn’t know. Until today when I was struck by a striking epiphany. (Which is a dumb thing to say because an epiphany is always striking by definition.) But before I expose myself (I mean, before I reveal my revelation to you as well), more disclaimers.

The shocking revelation is not shocking.

Neither shocking, nor revealing, if you must know. It is arguable whether it is anything at all. That will largely depend on which school of philosophical thought you subscribe to. I subscribe to nothing, so my revelation is not a thing to me. Neither is it a thought, since it’s obviously thoughtless. It’s also mindless because I have nothing on my mind.


Non-shocking Non-revelation

I don’t have fucking time!

You didn’t see that coming, right? Seriously though. Consider it, since I’m so inconsiderate that you have to do so on my behalf. My blogging started its downward spiral when I started my own downward spiral when I started freelancing when I finished my half-life-long studies when I divorced (shock) and moved (twice) and when etcetera. That’s all obviously quite time-consuming, no? (I’m not asking, I’m saying.)

About the same time, also WordPress started its downward spiral. Since WordPress abolished all community features and challenges, I have not only zero will to live (unrelated to WordPress, I assume, although… hmm) but also zero will to blog. Because there’s zero stimulus. No more getting a catchword in a photo challenge, whipping up a crappy phone pic in response and call it a post.

But mostly, I don’t have time. Fucking time. It never occurred to me until today. Like I really don’t have time. I’m obviously doing something wrong. Possibly everything. There’s also likely something wrong with me, which is somewhat corroborated by my psychiatric diagnoses.

The Idea, the Point and the Moral

You didn’t fall for it, right?

I mean, you didn’t actually expect there to be an idea, a point and a moral in a threesome? I’m clearly idea-less, possibly point-less (even moral-less, since you mention it). So the idea is that I’m out of ideas. I sort of depressed myself by this ridiculous excuse of a blog post. I guess the moral should then be that I should be working. Or something.

27 thoughts on “A “Shocking” Revelation of Why I’m MIA

  1. So are you deleting your blog Mara? And WP just gets more and more sucky as time goes. Did you look at that stupid Block editor? It’s a joke. The Legacy editor is superiour still. I’ve about had it with WP. If it didn’t have the community it does, I’d already be gone.


    1. OMG, no, I’m not deleting anything! I’ll keep all as it is, even if it should be “legacy”. I’m not officially quitting or making any declaration. Just glad I tried blogging again after a very long time.

      The Gutenberg editor sucks far less than when I first tried it months ago. I don’t like it still but it sucks less cardinally. It’s a new stimulus at least, I was playing around with the blocks in this post…


  2. For an amoral, pointless, idea-less post, this was delightfully entertaining to read. Good to see you here in any guise. Hope your New Year continues to keep you busy, but not so busy you have NO time to make an occasional post 🙂


    1. Aw, thank you so much for your kind words, as always! It’s a great pleasure to hear from you, though I suck as a blogging neighbour, I know. Take care and hope to see you around sometime again!

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  3. I am not using the new editor….sticking with the old. Don’t know how, but don’t tell WP ’cause I don’t do well with change. I do hope you pop in from time to time. Put up photos of Ella, send some more crappy photos our way–I loved them! Anyhow, it was very good to hear from you. I missed you.


    1. You know what, your comment helped me realise one thing: I hate changes but I love new things. If that makes any sense. The new Gutenberg editor is fun to play with. It was horrible in its early stage, now it’s better for fooling around with, though I’d still prefer the old editor for any serious work. Anyway. It’s great to hear from you!!

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  4. Hi Mara,
    I, for one, am very glad to hear your inimitable voice again on this channel. I’ve been missing you and I am sure that many others feel the same.

    I get the frustration—the lack of challenges and prompts and feedback and hence the lack of any real interaction, mutual inspiration or sense of camaraderie.

    I use WordPress mainly these days as a sort of cloud-drive on which I can store my most recent work. Others seem increasingly to be using it only to offer or plead for self-help.

    What can we do to steer it back towards being a forum for the serious, civilized, jocular discussion of words and ideas that is in such short supply these days?

    By the way, ‘mia’ is also the feminine form of the word for ‘one,’ ‘alone’, ‘unique’, in Ancient Greek.



    1. Aww, thank you so much for dropping by, I love hearing from you! I was sort of missing blogging too, but the way how it was before, with the community and challenges and all that, now without it, there’s little attraction.

      Thank you also for explaining the meaning of Mia to me. That’s pretty awesome! Now I want to be called that. Hmm. Take care and hope to see you around again sometime!


    1. Well, I know, I know, but still: not being around on the blog feels the same to me as if I neglected my real-life friends with the excuse that I don’t have time. So what. No one has time. Make time… Anyway, it’s so good to hear from you. I’ve been missing you 🙂

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  5. So understand this. No time is no time. There is…real life out there (shock horror). I am trying to avoid the new editor as long as possible. I even still go to the dashboard and do my posts. The new one just loads slower in my opinion. Hopefully real life for you ain’t too bad… 🙂


    1. Thank you, Mabel, for your wonderful comment, as always! You never fail to put a smile on my face. (Which is a rather unique event to happen.)

      The new editor loads okay for me, as far as I can say, but I imagine it must be more heavy-weight than the old one. So it makes sense.

      I hope your life doesn’t suck too much too. I’m still the same, I appear to be alive, so what is there to complain about, right 🙂

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  6. It is very nice of you to write. I appreciate it. I like to know why people whose blogs I read, are not writing. I can then cross that one off the list of ‘Why is x not…?’ and know that in time there will be/may be another post.


    1. Haha, thank you for your amazing comment! It’s funny to thank me for writing shit, I should be the one thanking you for wasting time reading it.

      You don’t need to unfollow me when you’re doing spring cleaning, I do intend to blog again, irregularly. I mean, please, don’t unfollow me 😀

      I totally get the sentiment that you want to know what the heck is up with a blogger you read. I want to know too. There are enough questions and uncertainties in life already.

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      1. This post put a smile on my face this, very early, Sunday morning. I can relate, to a certain extent, but not because I don’t have time. I do. I do miss 2011 when they [WP] had that post a day … not because I would want to blog every day, but the community that grew out of it.

        I would never take it down either, and I will post when I feel like it … there are two people that are important to me, that I want to keep up with [and I leave it to you to figure out who they are ROFL].

        Admittedly, the fountain pens, with the community and handwriting challenges took over but I still have plenty of time for this.

        If you say Gutenberg sucks less now, I’ll try it again.


        1. Aww, thank you for your lovely comment! You know what, you’re my hero; reading your blog post about your new car, I can see that you’re doing things, planning things, looking forward to things… That’s pretty awesome. I wish I could look forward to something instead of being anxious about it, whatever it is.

          Anyway. Also cool you have your fountain pens. At least you have a place to go now! I’ll stick with WP, like you say, I won’t be putting it down but I’ll be posting or not posting just as the mood strikes… Or when I have some amazing news. Like the news that I don’t have time 😀

          Tell me what you think about Gutenberg if you decide to give it a chance! It does suck less but it still has a long way to go…


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