I Got High and Talked to People

I Got High and Talked to People

Okay, I admit, this post’s title is a plain clickbait. It worked though, right?

In fact, I didn’t get that high. Neither did I talk to people that much. But baby steps, you know.

So how it occurred, and what the heck even occurred?

It started pretty much when I treated myself to half a Lexaurin today for my shoulder pain. Why, sure, I take tranquillisers in lieu of pain pills. Trust me, I’ve lived with my broken brain for long enough to know what’s what. By trial and error, I discovered that pain killers fail to kill psychosomatic pain, which where the Lexaurin comes in. It works.

Painfree and high on the fact, I put myself out there and went grocery shopping. In high spirits. When I’m on Lexaurin, I talk to people. Any people. On random. That’s the opposite of what I do when I’m unmedicated, which is when I hide from people. All people. Also, the voices of people. Meaning I don’t pick up phone calls. I just can’t even.

Mightily enjoying myself, I was sweeping round the supermarket cheerfully, smiling at people, bumping into them and apologising and having them bump into me and apologising some more. It’s a bank holiday tomorrow, hence the shop will be closed for one day, hence the whole village gathered in the shop to collect supplies. Logic.

One kind of high

All cash desks were blocked by queues winding across to the opposite wall of the shop. I’ve never seen so many locals uniting as one for their pre-holiday shopping. I had to purchase bottled water for the wait. And I entertained myself by entertaining innocent bystanders.

When the guy in the queue after me bumped into me yet again, I groaned mockingly: O, father, why hast thou forsaken us?! The guy gave me a WTF-look. I winked at him to indicate I’m not hostile. Much to his loss, he didn’t quite get my exquisite sense of humour.

I didn’t have more luck with the cashier. When it was my turn, which was about ten years later, I greeted her with my crooked-teeth smile and yelled over the noise of the crowded shop: Good evening to ya, may it be so! It makes slightly more sense in my mother tongue, btw.

The cashier awoke from her zombie mode and appeared amused, which encouraged me to add a goodbye greeting as well. So I say, Thanks a lot, ma’m, and may sanity be with you in this maddening crowd! Okay, I’m kidding, my speech wasn’t quite as flourished but nearly so. Alas, the woman was back to her sleep mode and remained unresponsive.

And that’s the end of the story. Where’s the story, you ask? Oh well. If a story is what is told, then this was totally a story. Don’t try to fuck with me. I’ve had my half a Lexaurin today and I’m unfuckwithable.

28 thoughts on “I Got High and Talked to People

  1. It’s fun chatting people up isn’t it? I do this frequently. Folks on the West Coast here are not quite as friendly as in Michigan.


    1. Folks here are positively hostile, so I was pleasantly surprised no one beat me up. Wait. Actually one guy collecting for charity followed me and yelled at me when I refused to contribute and explained I didn’t like the cause. I ran faster.

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      1. Then that charity deserves none. Creepy loser! I hope there are police in the area you could have called should this nutter have continued the pursuit. Creep.


  2. You realise the people in the shop you may have recognised you would be saying: “That strange young lady was here again today, high as a kite and twice as loud, saying things in Czech and then in English…such an odd girl she is….” lol
    This morning I went to buy my drugs and the pharmacist sat me in a massage chair while I was waiting, it was most relaxing on my lower back and I wondered if it might be suitable for in the car when I drive long distances. But alas it is not. I didn’t have to talk to anyone as the shop was busy with like minded drug in need people coming and going.
    I guess its good you got to go out?


    1. Lol, as always, you managed to cheer me up with your light-hearted and kind comment! Yeah, I guess people wondered when I spoke to the self-check-out counter to reply it 😉 A massage chair sounds so wonderful. I could totally do with one for my work station. Or instead of my balcony chair. I could sit in there, look down in the pub below the balcony and quietly judge people 😉

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  3. I’ve missed your pithy sarcasm and wit, Mara. If those people didn’t get your wicked sense of humour I say it’s their loss!

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  4. Hi Mara,

    Good to hear that you are having fun.

    It’s ‘at random’ not ‘on random’, by the way. Prepositions like to have random fun with us too . Think of prepositions as lots of randomly sparkling little points of light. Like you.

    I just noticed that the shop in the photo is called ‘Absinth Shop’. Rimbaud and Verlaine would have approved.


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    1. Hello Paul and thanks a lot for the heads up on “at random”! I’m afraid it’s one of the phrases I always forget, no matter how many times I look it up. It’s annoying…

      The Absinth shop was in Prague. Probably still is, I’m trying to say I took a picture of it when I was in Prague. There was a lot of Absinth and pot theme going on. Around me, I mean, I didn’t participate.

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  5. You’d fit right in here, in my city! Here, all the people talk with strangers all the time. Anywhere. I tried the concept on a trip back home and they probably thought I was either drunk and mentally disabled. The cashier in the grocery store just rolled her eyes.

    I’ve gotten used to it now, here, and I do it myself without any pills. It depends on my moods — some days it makes me feel better, other days I just want to be left alone.


    1. Oh, I don’t think I’d fit! Most of the time, I want to be left alone and pretend I’m invisible. Here, people are positively hostile and it’s highly uncommon to talk to anyone you don’t know. No small talk. All business. So I was serious that people probably thought I was high. Or crazy. Or both.

      I’m wondering what it is about Lexaurin: I only use it rarely, but when I do, I get such a great mood! Maybe if I didn’t have anxiety slash depression slash etc., I would’ve been a cheerful person. What a shocking idea.

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      1. I have thought along the exact same lines … not about Lexaurin, obviously, but some other stuff. I could be a cheerful person too, but only in a chemical way. What’s up with that?! I’m not a very nice person LOL


        1. Well, the “chemical way” is disputable: as our moods are nothing but chemicals interacting in the body anyway… I see what you mean, I’m just thinking and wondering who the heck I am… I don’t even know if I consider myself a nice person. Probably not, I’m hugely unpopular. I mean, people either like me a lot or can’t stand me at all. shrug


          1. That’s what I mean; if I become a nice, likeable person after a few drinks … I haven’t tried all that many drugs [weed put me to sleep and that’s probably the best version of me LOL], but one got to wonder; who the heck am I, if one chemical can make me a nice person all of a sudden?! In any event, I think I AM at least … Cogito ergo sum, but I wouldn’t bet on it.


          2. I’m not even sure I am… But then, I’m a known cynic and I don’t believe anything, least of all myself. Well, that wasn’t a very encouraging reply. Sorry about that. It must be eruptions in the Sun or something.


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