Weekly Photo Challenge: (No) Favourites

Weekly Photo Challenge: (No) Favourites

In response to WP Weekly Photo Challenge: All-Time Favourites.

Favourites I have none. Wait. Regrets I have none is how the phrase goes. Except it’s not true. Of course I have regrets that the Daily Post rolled over and quit. Except— it’s more of grudge than regrets. So the opening line of this post should have been Regrets I have none, grudge I have some. Grudge I have all, y’all.

Let’s try this again. WordPress’s last Photo Challenge is on the prompt of All-Time Favourites. For a fact. I’m quite relieved, also for a fact, because I was half-convinced that the last prompt would be either dull and obvious (such as The End) and/or dumb and sentimental (such as Farewell). The Favourites prompt isn’t thrilling but is half-decent.

Except I don’t have even half-decent all-time favourites. I refuse to dig in the archives. What for? What would I find there besides old dry bones? I don’t need to go back to produce crappy photos as per my trademark.

Incidentally, for a few months at the start of this year, I was running (while refusing the fact that I was running) a self-imposed self-challenge of posting a photo a day on Instagram and then reposting them here in weekly batches. What’s interesting about it? Nothing, I didn’t say it was interesting.

I quit this thing sometime in April. I found that the idea was nice but the execution was— how to say it nicely? Shitty? That will do. While it was an excellent plan to practise mindfulness and presence and whatnot and take a photo a day, it proved increasingly difficult because I hardly ever go out. So I literally ran out of things to shoot.

Hello, are you still there? If so, good, because I just got down to the point. If not— well, good on you. You know what my point is? Nothing! I’m notorious for making the point that I have no point. In lieu of a point, here’s a mess of my Instagram pictures from April, as yet unposted on the blog.

25 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: (No) Favourites

  1. Glad to have you back, Mara! I was wondering where you had gone off to! With the daily nixed, does this mean you will post less often?

    Your photos are lovely!


    1. Aw, thank you for your kind words! I have periods when I blog a lot and period when I blog less, depending on to what extent I’m depressed and on how much work I have. We’ll see what the next period will be 🙂 Thank you also for your very kind judgement on my very shitty photos.


  2. I always love your photos, its the nothingness that attracts me. Is the right-hand top one where you live?
    I agree the flowers are delightful.
    Lovely to see you stop by, I did notice you liked my cat tale.


    1. Awe, thank you so much for your kind words! I don’t deserve that… It’s not my house, it’s a random street – I think I remember I was taking the picture because there was a blossoming tree, but it’s hardly visible in the photo.

      Of course I liked your cat tale, you know my bias for cats…

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  3. They’re all beautiful shots. Would you say you’ve taken more with your phone or ‘real’ camera? I want to improve my iPhone photography, when I see all that can be done but I haven’t … ‘gotten around to it’ [I guess would be the best expression]. I’ve had an iPhone since 2012 and taken perhaps two, three shots that I’m really happy with. It’s always with me, so I should really make an effort.

    I saw some comment here above about blogging phases. I tend to write more when I’m ‘depressed’ or down … always been that way. I don’t necessarily write about that — I just want to write more then.


    1. Oh I haven’t taken a single photo with my “real” camera this entire year so far! I only shoot impromptu phone pictures. I don’t desire to get any better at it really, but I’ve started a challenge to read my camera manual so I could use the camera properly. So far, so good. I hope that will bring me back to shooting.


        1. I took a course too but it didn’t help. It assumed I already knew what the buttons on the camera do and how customise the settings. Yesterday I read in the manual I can choose on which of the eleven focus points I want to focus by turning the command wheel… Whew! I had no idea.


          1. Yeah, I have a helluva lot of points too.

            My course was good in the way he assumed we knew nothing. He went through aperture, shutter speed and ISO. We finished by talking a photo walk when it was dark.


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