WordPress’s Daily Post Quits—Now What?

WordPress’s Daily Post Quits—Now What?

In case you haven’t heard yet, the Daily Post is a goner. It bothers me more than it should. As we say in the second world, it’s not like bread is gonna be cheaper for that, so why care. As I hear is legit in the first world, though, one has the privilege to rant about things. Let’s do this!

Stages of Grief

I’ve gone through the five stages of grief regarding the Daily Post’s demise.

  1. Denial (“What? Nooo—!!!”)
  2. Anger (“Losers! Quitters! Traitors! Class enemies!” — Please note that “class enemy” is a cultural thing and it’s a bad thing to be. The worst, actually.)
  3. Bargaining (“How hard is it to keep the thing running, huh? As Ben admits in his post on the Daily Post, WordPress servers shall be chugging along for the next 14,320,078 years, so come on!”)
  4. Depression (“Can’t even…”)
  5. Acceptance (“As you wish.” — That means I strongly disagree with you but currently can’t think of any means to bring you to senses.)

I even added an extra stage, just for the fun of grieving.

  1. Resistance (“You won’t take responsibility? Fine. I’ll take it myself. In yer face.”)
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Stages of Feelings

I notoriously suck at connecting with my feelings because I read on Freud’s virtues of repression in an impressionable age and it stuck. I perfected the art of not admitting to feeling anything to the point of actually not feeling anything. That is, besides a single uniform formless emotion, whose name I don’t know but which is dull and depressing. I think it’s a constant lack of will to live. Is that an emotion? I need to practise naming emotions, so let’s identify how I feel about the Daily Post’s decease.

  1. Disappointment — I was dumb enough to form some expectations and to believe that at least over at WordPress, everything will be as it should be. That’s disappointing on so many levels. (Which I’m too lazy to describe, so trust me—and you shall be betrayed! See below.)
  2. Betrayal — Well, I didn’t sign up for this. For WordPress quitting on me.
  3. Guilt — I should have had more sense than to be trustful and end up cheated, so serve me just right.
  4. Anger — I was totally triggered by the mention of the discontinuation of the Daily Post being “a hard decision” in the post bringing this news. Saying “a hard decision” means avoiding telling the real reason.
  5. Loss of faith in humanity — See above. I wonder what the real reason for this “hard decision” was. Kidding, I don’t wonder, we live in a capitalist society (even me), so it’s an easy guess.
  6. Affirmation — The Daily Post challenges kept me blogging and connected with the world when I was too depressed and/or busy to even—  But we’re ultimately all alone, so it’s up to me to do shit. You know, like to blog about it. Incidentally, I just did that.

24 thoughts on “WordPress’s Daily Post Quits—Now What?

  1. Hmmmm, Ineonder why too Mara. I’ve never participated in it though. I read somewhere that the entire Admin interface will change at some point during 2018. If so, I hope it doesn’t change to that blue and gray interface that I avoid by using the older pages. Have you heard anything about this?

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    1. Oh I’m sorry, I don’t know about this, I guess we’ll find out, sooner or later? I actually the new blue editor these days, they improved it a bit and it doesn’t suck so much as it did at first.

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  2. I hate they are stopping it. This was a great tool for folks with occasional writers/bloggers block. I hope someone picks up the reigns and continues it in some form.


        1. That is certainly an option… But I don’t think I’m going for it! I did run some challenges earlier but it was too much to commit to really. Perhaps someone else will take up the challenge!

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    1. Apparently, they’ll be focusing on WordPress Longreads and Discover. Which puzzles me, I doubt these two things are as popular as the Daily Post challenges. They’re certainly not for me.

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        1. Exactly! Too long, didn’t read…

          I do read full-length books, but on the internet, I’m looking for short things. I think it’s the nature of the medium — it just works best with short content.

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  3. Bummed out about this. Quite a travesty that it’s a goner. I think we connected somehow over the challenge, if not indirectly through that challenge on someone else’s blog. ‘we’re ultimately all alone, so it’s up to me to do shit.’ Spoken like a true sadistic introvert. So relatable as usual 🙂

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    1. You said it so well, as always! It’s not just the challenges themselves but the sense of community they were creating. That was my favourite thing about WordPress. Thank you for your great comment!

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  4. I think I am going to start out by providing my own prompts using the 43 “blessings” from Sharon Shinn’s Elemental Blessings series of books. Won’t matter greatly if I happen to pull some duplicates along the way. She’s got a printable sheet online that can be cut along the dotted line: “Put the blessings in a box and pull one out when you need inspiration”. {Sharon writes good books!} Maybe, do another set with “nature” words and a third with a different theme to add some variety, since I like to write haiku.

    I’ve not done many of the daily “writing” prompts, but I enjoy putting words to pictures.


    1. Oh, that’s an excellent idea! I was thinking along similar lines, wondering where to get prompts from alternative sources. There are many options, so we’re not left completely without clues, though I’m still sorry that my main source of inspiration has dried out.

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  5. I can so relate to your feelings about this, Mara. Ultimately we’re all alone, as Mabel so eloquently expressed it 🙂

    Had I seen this when it first started, I might have taken part in it. When they did blog-a-day 2011 … that’s how it all started and it was a great sense of community. It was fun, I met great blogging buddies. I still have a few left; you, David and John to name a few.

    With regards to feelings: Too bad about that one, dull feeling you have and cannot name. On the other hand, it’s not good to feel too much either. You tend to drown in your own feelings. So … no matter how you turn, your ass is always behind [or something like that], as we say in Sweden. I have plenty of feelings, but I never let them out in the open.


    1. “We’re all alone” is something of my motto. Not very encouraging, but quite real.

      I like the prompts for the same reason that you mention: the community. It made meeting new like-minded bloggers much easier.

      With feelings, as with anything, I guess it’s about a balance. I’ve been ignoring my feelings for so long that it probably made me sick; on the other hand, there are people who talk about nothing but their feelings and, honestly, I find it incredibly annoying.

      And I absolutely love the Swedish saying about the ass. Also a very real one.


  6. I haven’t participated in ages because of my eyes. I FINALLY have a surgery date scheduled (next month) and was really looking forward to getting back in the habit of taking photos. The WordPress challenges were a great source of inspiration. It’s going to suck not having that resource. If you do hear about an alternative prompt source, please share.


    1. It sucks, right. Not your operation, of course, which I do hope will go just fine and give you your full sight back! I have no idea where to go for prompts now. So if you hear of anything, let me know please…

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  7. The first sign that the WordPress ship was sinking, was when they moved the Weekly Photo Challenge from Friday to Wednesday. That’s when I more or less dropped out.

    Loisa asks furrther up here: “So what are all the WP engineers gonna be doing?”
    After a while they’re gonna be cut down and find other jobs.


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