It’s Weirdly Quiet

It’s Weirdly Quiet

When it’s quiet
I think I’m deaf or dead
How do I tell?

So, I say (quiet)
Anybody out there?

The cat comes (quiet)
But all remains—

Quiet out there


8 thoughts on “It’s Weirdly Quiet

  1. It’s so noisy mentally where I am. I wish I could hear quiet again. Not silence, because silence can be overwhelmingly loud and full of voices. Just quiet.

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    1. Ha. That’s interesting, to make a difference between quiet and silent. I rarely have peace because I live over a noisy non-stop pub, so when it does get quiet, it’s quite overwhelming.

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  2. That’s a beautiful picture. Is that around where you live?

    It’s rare to find real silence … there’s always some white noise.


    1. Sadly, the picture is from a different place from where I live – I love rivers, ponds and lakes, so I’d welcome having a lovely lake like this nearby.

      Perfect silence is almost impossible – I don’t mind white noise, but recently, a new nonstop music bar opened right under my flat, so I’m getting a lot of noise at all times of day and night. So when they turn the volume down so I can’t hear it, the sudden silence is overwhelming. But nice.

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