Bringing Light to Instagram

Bringing Light to Instagram

Do you think this post is going to be about my enlightening Instagram? Gotcha! Of course not. You should know better now than to trust me. I bring gloom and doom wherever I go, including Instagram.

Since the last week’s power outage, I’ve been entirely enthralled with manifestations of light. Light is good, especially artificial light, because artificial light means the power is on. And so is WiFi.

So I bring to your attention another instalment of my photo-a-day project (which I’m still denying I’m doing), as originally posted on Instagram.

19 March: Go, Cheddar, go! Cheddar didn’t but I went to get groceries.
20 March: The grocery mission was an unqualified success. For a small fee, I will organise your fridge all neat and nice like this. I’m OCD, that’s what I do.
21 March: This is my flat entry door. I think someone forgot to throw in a threshold. Light Exhibit #1.
22 March: That’s a perfectly useless random window in a wall between two rooms. But, good for Light Exhibit #2.
23 March: I wasn’t drunk when taking this. My phone apparently was. But it’s Light Exhibit #3.
24 March: I changed the bulb. Not ideal, but I never said I was a good janitor. Light Exhibit #4.
25 March: I specialise in low-res grainy shitty photos. Street Light Exhibit #5.


18 thoughts on “Bringing Light to Instagram

  1. whew! wipes brow Looks like your cat approves of the fridge situation. Did you ever see that joke: “Yes, I am OCD. Actually I am CDO, which is how it should be!” Cracks me up.


          1. What a show off you are, you’d be standing in the heat like it didn’t matter and the rest of us would be sweating our skins off….


  2. I wouldn’t exactly call the last one “grainy”. “Shitty”, possibly.

    The bulb looks heavy duty. That, or Christmas lights. Merry Christmas!

    That is the emptiest but with food inside I have ever seen a fridge in my life.


    1. Oh yes, “grainy” is euphemism for “shitty” πŸ˜€ The heavy-duty bulb is super awesome, it gives out so much light! Wait, my fridge filled with food is empty? Something like Schrodinger’s cat?


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