Weekly Photo Challenge: Favourite

Weekly Photo Challenge: Favourite

In response to WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Favourite Place.

To be miniaturised is not small-minded.
To love you needs more details than the Book of Kells—
Your harbours, your photography, your democratic intellect
Still boundless, chip of a nation.
—Robert Crawford 

Guess my favourite place!



24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Favourite

          1. Much better weather, beaches you can swim at 😀 I do miss the beautiful architecture, the art, that sense of the past accompanying you on every step that I always feel in Edinburgh though.


      1. My mother’s side of the family was from Dunfermline, so when my parents retired they leased a caravan for summers on the Firth. I visited one time many years ago, and went to Edinburgh for the Tatoo. What a marvelous city! And, of course, I enjoyed it more when I watched “Chariots of Fire” and Eric Liddell said he would be sad to leave Auld reekie.


        1. Aw, that sounds beautiful! Scotland is a magnificent place, obviously. I had the great luck to attend the Tattoo myself, and it was hugely impressive. Despite the cold and the constant drizzle.

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    1. It’s Edinburgh, Scotland, and I can totally see what you mean! I’m a huge fan of round things too. That’s the only shape I tolerate. I have a circle tattooed on my shoulder 😉

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    1. Ah, that’s a shame! It’s a classic view of the city from Calton Hill, the green park interspersed with architectural monuments at the foot of Princes Street. Hope you enjoyed your stay!


  1. This looks super green and bright and I want to say “hi-res” but more in style than in camera technicality.


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