An Instagram Week

An Instagram Week

So, I’m still on Instagram and still doing this 365 challenge—though I’m vehemently denying both that I’m doing it and that it’s an all-year-round challenge—when I’m taking and posting a photo a day on Instagram and then taking a week’s worth of snaps over to the blog because—well, I have no idea why. Here’s this week’s batch, if you can live with not knowing why I’m (not) doing this.

5 March: See the question mark on the bin? This existentially inclined bin has no idea why it’s taking your crap.
6 March: I went out and it was raining. End of story, if a story it was.
7 March: I deeply regret this photo. It’s what is marketed as silky smooth tofu, but it looked like frozen sperm to me and tasted like—well, suffice to say that I threw it out, though I never throw food out.
8 March: It was a sunny day. I haven’t seen the sun for so long that I struggled to figure out what that blazing light was about. I shot this through the bathroom window. The window glass is wrinkled like this so people can’t stare at me showering. 
9 March: I went out and met potted flowers. They left me wondering who on earth would waste so much money on flowers that will promptly die anyway. Says a person who bought her cat potted grass for chewing.
10 March: I maintain a colouring routine. Its purposes are mysterious because it’s neither useful nor relaxing. It’s just something I do.
11 March: The flu/angina/cold I brought home from my trip to England is persistent as fuck. A week later, it’s not going anywhere. So here’s my current bestie, the tissue box.

22 thoughts on “An Instagram Week

      1. I wanna visit really bad, spend a month or so there to have time to explore. Just hit it in the summer months. Does your country drive on the left side too?


      1. I don’t know. Some homes here have these square blocks of glass in the bathroom. Driving around, if you see those windows in the front of the house, it is almost a guarantee it’s a bathroom. Nice, right?


        1. I actually hate to have a window in the bathroom. What for? I don’t need to see myself undressed in day light 😉 I’m kidding but really, I don’t need many windows, I like the dark.


  1. When I was in Japan, Tofu seemed to come with everything, but to me it was like eating soft rubber, but the Japanese love it, so there you go. Sorry you and the cold are still being intimate, surely soon it will head off to warmer climes??


    1. I love tofu, when it’s well seasoned, it’s super tasty! But this kind of tofu was a mistake.

      I’m currently packing my cold’s stuff and will be kicking it out in the cold for others to enjoy too.

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    1. Yep, that was a perversion of tofu, a food I normally like a lot. I spoilt everyone’s taste for tofu now, I guess.

      Thank you for commiserating with me, I’ll try to get well soon, frankly, it’s already getting boring.

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      1. I can’t associate that stuff in a can with tofu, so I’m going to be ok still eating the real stuff. Had some last night, stir-fried with chilli and kaffir lime leaves 😀
        Illness is mostly boring for the sufferer; unless you’re old. Then it’s social currency.


    1. You’re right, of course, and you’re very attentive to have noticed my favourite boots before! They’re comfy, but could be warmer.

      Ella loves her chewing grass. Phew, I treat the cat to better things than myself! But that makes me a good pet parent, right?

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