Walls Make Neighbours

Walls Make Neighbours

There’s a wall between me
And the gritty city street
Just a wall
Of concrete or brick or shit

One and something feet maybe
Separating me
From everything not-home
Not-nice, not-warm, not even

A not too thick wall
Between me and someone
Next to me
Above me
And next door—the post office

That’s not too much
When you think of it
A teeny-tiny willy-nilly wall
Between you and all not-you
And that’s it

Abstract concrete

10 thoughts on “Walls Make Neighbours

  1. Your poem is, as usual, very funny and very well-crafted. I particularly like the relentless iteration of the /it/,/i:t/ and /t/ consonant phonetic motif and the snide use of enjambment.


    1. Aw, thank you so much for your lovely comment! I had a minor epiphany reading it. I mean: I just spilled out a random bunch of lines with hardly any effort and called it a “poem”, but here you go, talking about enjambment and whatnot as though I knew exactly what I was doing. Hm.


  2. It’s a piece of shit wall, the engineers failed, everything is psychological, America is not free. Neighbors.


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