My Week in Instagram Pictures

My Week in Instagram Pictures

Last week has been uneventful, much as my entire life. Thanks the universe for that. I hate everything but eventfulness especially. I have captured each non-event of each uneventful day in one non-picture.

IMG_20180205_155254_835 1
5 Feb: My cactus colony is dying on me. It’s a minor miracle that I’m managing to keep the cat, a life form superior to plants, alive. 
6 Feb: I went out. To get smokes. It was very exciting because there are new pictures on cigarette packets! This ad for clogged arteries is particularly attractive. The imagery is supposed to discourage me from smoking, but sadly, I enjoy the art, so not happening.
7 Feb: When you think the bloody winter is about to be over and the snow thinks otherwise. 
8 Feb: That’s my balcony chair. Clearly, I never clean it. I converted it into an art installation.
9 Feb: The day when a radiator burst and flooded the building. This was taken when I was pressurising the boiler, unaware that it’s sending all the water down into the cellar, creating an impromptu swimming opportunity.
10 Feb: Freezing as per usual. No amount of thermal wear helps. Please notice, however, that my fleece shirt is colour-coordinated with my knitted socks. And my nails are colour-coordinated with my outdoor thermal pants. Which I wear indoors. 
11 Feb: I did my nails! What an event! And I did them wonderfully. I love the jaundiced yellow, the bloody red and the deathly black. 

12 thoughts on “My Week in Instagram Pictures

      1. Yeah for some reason there is this stereotype in my family that europe is better than america, but i am always skeptical and worry about dark underbellies and such. Maybe its more of the exoticism aspect, we like what we dont have.


  1. just think your life, is an event, otherwise what would you have to photograph???
    My life is dull compared to yours, its been stinking hot for over a month now so I stay in doors as much as possible and today’s most exciting event is not Valentines day but the garbage collection at 5.15am. And you think you’ve got it bad… fact I can’t even watch the grass grow as it hasn’t rained either…
    Its 10.15am and what is there to do the rest of the day???? No boilers to blow up, no plants to save/rescue, even they are struggling and pretending to be mine, certainly no cats though I think our little dog being a dog thinks we are ok. The thought of having to wear more than a minimum of clothing is tiresome in itself and my nails will never look as good as yours…added to that is the angst of Valentines day where I expect you are flooded with cards, chocolates and red roses from the multitude of followers you have….the only red rose I will see is the one growing outside my bedroom window who despite my continual neglect seems to flourish in spite of me.
    Have a good one…


    1. Awe, I love your comments so much ❤ So uplifting, yet real and down-to-earth… And true. You’re right, my life isn’t that uneventful, though I absolutely share with you the excitement of rubbish collection. It’s happening tomorrow, at unknown time, hence I must roll my bin out in the street tonight. If I forget, I’ll have to wait another week. It is a big deal!

      Sadly, I’m not flooded with chocolates, though it’s Valentine’s Day, clearly, everyone hates me, which is right because I basically hate everyone too 😉 I do wish you a happy Valentine though and may your neglected rose thrive better than my semi-dead cactus.

      And do enjoy the heat. Imagine you’d be freezing constantly for months on end! That’s what winter feels like. I’d swap with you right away. I’m fine with heat but I’m scared of the cold.

      And finally, adopt one of the cats who are trying to adopt you, if you’re looking to having more events in your life!

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      1. The only cats around here belong to a neighbour. My concern about cats here is they tend to kill the native birds so a lot of people don’t have them, unless they live permanently inside and here that is not very common. But thanks for the suggestion and I’m glad I can make you laugh every so often. Happy Valentines Day to you.


        1. Oh I see, so Australian cats have taken a clue from their reading of To Kill the Mockingbird? I never let my cat out of the flat for concerns about her safety rather than the safety of the birds, she’s so dumb she’d never catch any but surely would get herself run over by the garbage truck or something.

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    1. It’s a wonderful post-op foot. You don’t like it? I think it’s very artistic. I’m totally loving the new pictures, they’re so cute and aesthetically pleasing! There’s probably something wrong with me.

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