More Instagram Crap

More Instagram Crap

I do crap. Because I can. I mean, because I can’t. Can’t do better, that is. Since you appear not to hate my Instagram-to-WordPress reposts enough, you have condemned yourselves to another week’s worth of instant snaps. One day, one snap. Each snap is crap with an even crappier story to go with it. Here’s proof.

29 Jan: I went on an adventure. To Tesco. I met this lost and lonely hairpin, symbolical of my dead and discarded dreams and hopes, and it was so moving. So moving that I snapped this and moved on. 
30 Jan: There was an actual sunset, which means that there was an actual sun out during the day. Whew. It gave me a fright. I already forgot what sun was and mistook it for fire.
31 Jan: You wouldn’t fucking believe it. I know I didn’t. A month later, I actually unpacked my new yoga mat and started using it. Once I hopped on it, I started to hate myself for having waited so long to break it in. It’s all kinds of awesome. 
1 Feb: Today, nothing happened. Except I ventured in front of the building to take the dust bin out for the dustmen. Dustpeople. Let’s be gender correct. Or dustentities. In case the council employs not-people too. 
Feb 2: I painted my nails. I thought the colours would stand out best in monochrome. Duh. They’re black anyway, with one nail tentatively yellow. I’m a wasp. 
3 Feb: The cat is shedding like her survival depended on it. I can’t even drink coffee these days without swallowing and then coughing up a furball. Cat hair everyfuckingwhere.
4 Feb: I got up. Got dressed. Painted my face. Did my hair. It was so awesome. I mean, it was a bloody bother, but I was surprised to find myself comparatively pretty after like a two-hour prettifying procedure. And I didn’t even go on a date.


7 thoughts on “More Instagram Crap

  1. Look at how prettied up you got! Bet that little flower hairpin would have been the finishing touch. Yes, indeed.
    I do like that tattoo, by the way. Meaningful in any way?


    1. Haha, no, I no more wear flower hairpins, at least not since I cut my hair short. Glad you like my tattoo: it’s probably quite original, the semi-colon that should look like a cat was stolen from the internet, but the curly braces are my addition. I love cats, proofreading and coding, hence the punctuation marks.

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    1. I actually bought her a fancy brush, but she doesn’t particularly enjoy being brushed, so I don’t do it as often as I should. She’s silly, shedding all the time, as far as she’s concerned, there are no seasons because she never goes out!

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  2. I love your photo descriptions – very witty!

    I can relate with the cat hair fuckingeverywhere. I get them in my food, then in my mouth. The dogs hair are the ones I get in my mouth, and wake up with them in my eye (maybe because he does this licking-my-eyelids thing to get me to lift the covers, so he can get under them, on account of not having a long nose to aid him in his quest for warmth). The birds seeds are the worse though – they tend to (I’m guessing) transfer from my feet to the bed, and I wake up with them stuck to my butt.

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    1. Thank you for your kind comment, I’m glad you can relate! Or maybe I’m not glad that you have pet hair in your eyes; I’m undecided… Thank you also for putting things into perspective for me, now I will be grateful for cat hair in my coffee. I don’t have them in my orifices. Yet.

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