My Perfectly Average Silhouette

My Perfectly Average Silhouette

WordPress’s Daily Post is being clairvoyant today. The prompt of the day is silhouette, which I noticed just after posting a snap of my own meagre silhouette on Instagram.

Relating to this photo and at other occasions, I’ve had curious discussions with people about my height. It’s no huge surprise that different parts of the world are populated with people of different heights, but I was a bit surprised that North Americans tend to regard me as tall. What the heck? It must be my slight built that’s misleading.

I checked some rough stats and confirmed that my height is perfectly average for my part of the world. And by perfectly, I mean perfectly, I’m right at the average (okay, so almost right there, I’m 0.78 mm/0.03 in off). You can check out the stats on Wikipedia, if you’re interested, but what I’m trying to point out is that an average US woman is 161.8 cm (5 ft 3 1⁄2 in), while an average Czech female, me, is 167.22 cm (5 ft 6 in).

I’m right where I’m supposed to be, height-wise, and I’m not only not tall, but even sufficiently short to be perceived by the average Czech male (180.31 cm / 5 ft 11 in) as tiny.  That much to statistics.

16 thoughts on “My Perfectly Average Silhouette

  1. I agree that the window reflection seems to be a bit distorted making you appear very tall. At 161cm, I’m not as tall as you, but I live in a predominantly Asian neighbourhood so I usually feel outright giant sized compared to most of the people I encounter over the course of a day.

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    1. Oh that’s an interesting point! I am and I feel average-height, it’s quite nice to be normal in something for a change! The ethnic markup where I live is pretty unvaried, so I fit in alright. I only wish I were taller when I’m trying to reach Oreos on the top shelf in the supermarket 😉

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  2. You look like a normal person of average height in the photo. I’m way shorter than you at 1.48m – and that is midget size compared to the general population standards. I’m always the one finding it hard to see at concerts and really the footpath ahead of me if I’m walking in a crowd. That said, I have actually seen people who are shorter than me by half a head.


    1. I look normal, right? It’s really great to be normal in something for a change! I wouldn’t call you a midget, I think it’s cute for girls to be short, it’s so feminine… Though, of course, the practical considerations put a damper on this kind of femininity: like not seeing anything at concerts.

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  3. Hey! I’m just about the average height for my part of the world (5’3″). And yes I have MANY friends who are my height. And we do call anyone much taller “tall.”


    1. Haha, you’re so right, anyone who is taller than me is “tall” because I always take myself as the yardstick 🙂 I feel awkward when I happen to be among much shorter people but it doesn’t happen often, given that I’m right at the average height.


  4. I’m 5’10”, in US and I find the average height of most of my friends to be 5’6”. Maybe I seek out taller friends. The US is also heavier than the rest of the world so maybe that just makes us look shorter.


    1. Ha, that’s a good point! I’m skinny, so it probably makes me look taller than I am. I don’t make much of height (or weight), but it was fun to compare the different averages for different countries!


  5. Tall.

    We were in Spain a few weeks ago. In the train station at Cordoba a woman was guiding a middle-aged group. She was young-ish and normal height-ish. And behind her was this group of rectangular blocks – men and women maybe a head-height shorter than her.

    Yes, it is interesting how height varies among people in different cultures. I read somewhere that they had mobile scanners on the streets in Japan, inviting people to come in and be measured because everyone had grown taller since the last War – they think is to do with diet.


    1. Oh that’s interesting about Japan! I was wondering how come that different ethnicities and nationalities have such different heights, perhaps it has to do with the climate? But it doesn’t make sense in the case of the USA. People are interesting…


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