Weekly Photo Challenge: Variations (on Branches)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Variations (on Branches)

In response to WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Variations.

Variations are like variables. Variables are my life these days because a) I don’t have a life, b) I’m filling in the void of my life with learning JavaScript.

Should we apply these terms on everyday life, then: Life is a variable. Death is a constant. What follows from it? Absolutely nothing, but that’s the way with most deep quotes, no?

Here are some branches.


And here is some JavaScript.

switch (status) { 
case 'live': 
console.log('I\'m alive.'); 
case 'dead': 
console.log('Game over.'); 
console.log('Vegetable status.'); 

16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Variations (on Branches)

    1. Haha, I’m sorry to confuse you with my code! I added that just to practise a bit and appended it to the very end of the post, hoping that no one would see 😀 Bad news though: the vegetable is as good as dead.

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  1. I have such difficulty taking pictures of branches. The composition is always dreadful, chaotic, haphazard–and the lighting and color are often too high contrast. You’ve managed to do a good job here. Bravo.


    1. I have difficulty taking pictures of anything, so don’t worry! I’ve somehow figured out the way I must lean backwards and tilt the camera to take a picture of tree crowns, but I edited the photos, improving them a bit. Here’s to happy shooting!


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