7 More Days, 7 More Instagram Snaps

7 More Days, 7 More Instagram Snaps

I’m continuing in my non-challenge of taking and posting a non-photo on Instagram every day. I still haven’t figured out what I’m trying to achieve, but I have patience enough, so I’ll just wait and see what becomes. While we’re all waiting for me to figure out what I’m up to, here are seven more photos covering seven more days.

8 Jan: I’ve been fascinated with balls recently. Especially fluffy balls. And colourful balls. Bonus for soft balls. I must ask the ghost of Freud what that means.
9 Jan: Balls!! The cat got a new toy ball. She’s nonplussed. Never mind, I like to play with balls. And step on them in the dark because there are 10+ cat toys strategically placed around the flat. Ostensibly for the cat to play with, but, see above, she doesn’t care. So home decoration it is.
10 Jan: In case there was any doubt, I have a crotch. It’s hard to take a selfie when you don’t want to capture your face. So I figure the crotch is a pretty neutral subject. 
11 Jan: I made myself tea with slivovitz and, much to my alarm, discovered Apple product placement in the tea. They’re everywhere, trying to get me. But they won’t because I’m paranoid. Which doesn’t negate the fact that they’re after me.
12 Jan: This cute piece of graffiti says motherfuckers in the local language. I think it’s very cheerful and uplifting, though I didn’t confirm with the owner of this wall. 
13 Jan: I was playing around with JavaScript. I didn’t achieve anything, but it’s kind of nice to know that you can write a JS object, should your life depend on it one day. You know, like the day when the computers take over the world.
14 Jan: The cat is either incredibly stupid or incredibly bold because she attempted to join me in the shower.  Don’t even ask what I was doing with my phone in the shower. (I take it everywhere, so.)


35 thoughts on “7 More Days, 7 More Instagram Snaps

  1. Its good to know you have a crotch, a more complete image of you is emerging, though I have to say I am more your zipper guy in terms of crotch attire, the button thing is tedious in an emergency.

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    1. LOLLLL, yes, I do have a crotch, so I’m pretty much like everyone else 😀 The buttons are a bother, especially when I need to wear a belt to prevent the pants from falling down my needs, but unless I need to take them off, they’re so awesomely comfy.

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    1. Hahaha 😀 This is amazing: I look at it and see code, you look at it, and see language (not that language isn’t a code). But I love it how it never occurred to me how old Bob is, I don’t care, I’m just trying to get the code right 🙂

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      1. Intuitive and spontaneous work can be extremely interesting, I have found.

        I highly approve of giving things zero thought. That is how I conduct most of my life. Perhaps this is not such a good thing…(pauses for a micro-second to reflect) Beh, too much work to give that any further consideration.

        Happy weekend.




          1. I go into long stretches of bleak stupor which stops the overthinking. If I am forced to utilize the most “complex machine that we know about in the Universe” (supposedly), then I lapse into a soggy quagmire writhing with so many thoughts that the foul things putrefy all around me, writhing with maggots and other wee carrion-loving creatures. So…I know what you mean. 😉


          2. Hmm, weirdly enough, I’m overthinking even when I’m paralysed. Mentally, that is. My overthinking always finds a way. The bastard.


  2. The crotch is a hit obviously. Glad you have one. Balls are a hit too. even if they are soft. Freud may disagree – with the soft bit. And Ella, of course, wanted a shower. Duh !


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