Zombies’ Night Out

Zombies’ Night Out

People swarm and swell
And form a dumb mass
Of bodies to fill the train

Their vital signs are sound
Except—they are dead
And there are too many of them
In this hell hole of a train

Don’t they have somewhere else
To be—or un-be—these undead?

Like, I don’t know—
Home, for instance?

I’m open to
And all this crap

It’s just that
I’d rather for zombies
To have their night out
In elsewhere.

12 thoughts on “Zombies’ Night Out

  1. I feel that way at Christmas when I go to the shops, why aren’t they all home in bed, as I go early….I sympathise with you. Oh goodness, there’s a rare moment, me in sympathy with you…lol


    1. Ha 😀 Christmas is exactly the time when one should stay at home and don’t go anywhere because everywhere is crowded for some reasons. Like people are preparing for the apocalypse. Thank you for commiserating!

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  2. What is it about zombies? they seem to be proliferating……. you’re right, they need to go away!


  3. Fantastic writing Mara,i want to ride a subway with zombies now.
    well penned, keep’em coming.


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