So I Got These Ikea Glasses…

So I Got These Ikea Glasses…

Design IKEA
Made in CHINA
What the f*ck?

Well *shrug*
Glass is glass
You drop it
It breaks
Into millions
Of shards . . .

Except, I guess
There’re no unions

8 thoughts on “So I Got These Ikea Glasses…

  1. Unions are bad. A few weeks ago I purchased three new cooking pans, and a screen thing to keep splatter down, from IKEA. Good stuff! I bet pretty soon our babies will come from China too. Unions among other issues have forced too much manufacturing out of the States and elsewhere I bet.


    1. Ikea does have some good stuff. Especially things for home, accessories, decorations and gadgets. I have everything Ikea because it’s affordable. I’m not sure about their furniture, I do have their furniture too but it looks like it might fall apart when I next move house.

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      1. Yeah I agree. Their furniture is a bit sketchy but I love the kitchen ware. Use it frequently. Our Ikeahas been in Vegas for a year or so now. It’s huge!


  2. You might say there are no unions in China but the workers work in appalling conditions and for peanuts. I don’t agree that unions are bad for the simple reason that every worker in what ever industry owes his working conditions to the efforts of past unionists for without them we may all still be down the mines working till we drop for 10cents a day.

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    1. I’m all for unions. In fact, there should be unions for freelancers. I have myself to blame but I pretty much work for wages of a common labourer or less. I’m rethinking my business strategy.


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