I Know a Person Who Knows a Person

I Know a Person Who Knows a Person

Today I woke up alright. That scared me a bit because I thought for a moment I was dead. I wasn’t dead but as the day progressed, I wish I were. After much deliberation, as my best friend aka anxiety got the better of me, I went to pop a Lexaurin. There was an empty box in the cabinet. Fuck. I’ve run out.

As I was freaking out, a friend texted me whether I wanted to go out tonight. I didn’t want to, so I texted her back that I wanted to (sic). I also mentioned I was having a minor crisis, to put it mildly, because I was out of Lexaurin, my life pill. My dear and beloved friend asked how many pills I wanted. I wondered why she was asking but said I needed two or three until I get a new prescription on Tuesday.

Several hours later, said friend said we needed to cancel our plans because no one else could go, so it would be only two of us and no one to stay sober and drive us home. However, she went on, she’d be stopping by my house and bringing me some Lexaurin. I didn’t ask. I just accepted the gifts of the universe. Or, rather, the gifts of my friend’s granddad, from whom she nicked the pills.

I think I’m in love with my friend. A shame she’s not gay. I’m not gay either, but you know, extraordinary times… Also, should anyone ask, I deny everything, I saw nothing and say nothing.

32 thoughts on “I Know a Person Who Knows a Person

  1. Glad you got your meds! I do understand your anxiety over not having your meds. I take a happy pill once every day and several others for heart issues and diabetes. Gaaahhhhhh! ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜’


    1. I’m glad I have a Lexaurin-dealing friend too ๐Ÿ˜€ She pretty much saved the day. One thing is choosing not to take the pill but knowing it’s there, another thing is not having the pill at all.

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  2. What a friend you’ve got there! It’s these people whom you want to keep forever and ever and ever sigh The world ain’t perfect. Hope your anxiety goes away for a bit and you get your prescription soon. Some things we just can’t live without.


    1. You said it just right. It’s amazing to have such a friend, I hardly deserve her. I have a lot to learn from her about kindness and other things. Her act of kindness itself just made me instantly better.


  3. Good it was sorted out, even though I’m a little sorry you have to take them. I wouldn’t wish anxiety on my worst enemy if I had any [enemy]. Can you really drink booze when you’re on these medications?!


    1. You have an excellent point. It’s good to be reminded I shouldn’t mix meds and drink. I only drink when I’m out with someone or when I’m visiting someone, which is like once in two or three months. I was thinking though what I’d give myself for Christmas is trying to avoid sleeping pills and anti-anxiety pills whenever possible and only having those for emergencies. It’s stupid to take these medications regularly unless absolutely necessary.


        1. You encouraged me to Google and I found that basically I should be ok to drink, very little and very occasionally. The greatest concern seems to be that when you overdose, especially mixing meds and alcohol, your breathing might stop. I’ve been doing very well the last few days actually – no Lexaurin ๐Ÿ™‚ (and no drink either).

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    1. So far no one asked, so I didn’t have to deny anything. I hear there are three drug producers/dealers in my town (and it’s a small town), so pill handovers are apparently perfectly normal here.


  4. Ah, how I wish I could have gobbled about 9 of those delightful-looking Lexaurins about an hour ago. I thought tea was the answer, with the caffeine boost. No. Damn Typhoo is useless. (Stares at splattered tea stain dripping down the wall)

    I am not so nicely in alignment with the โ€œright people,โ€ I fear. I could easily get heroin but that seems a bit extreme…perhaps.

    Hmph. Sometimes I long to knuckle it away and be the suave, fast-talking, sharp-witted and…sorry, sudden bout of magical thinking there- I would still be a feckin’ eejit. Suave…HAR HAR. Ha. Huh…

    This is why I socialize with coyotes and sharks, and not people.

    Hope you are keeping that anxiety at bay. Your chum should be knighted. Er. Turned into a Dame, I mean? Well, some kind of honour needs to be draped over her for such selfless philanthropy.




    1. LOL ๐Ÿ˜€ If you took 9 Lexaurins, you’d probably be in coma. I don’t think it does much as a recreational drug. You could get heroin? Whew. I agree with you though that it’s a bit extreme. Let’s just pass on this one.

      My Lexaurin-dealing friend should be absolutely turned into a dame – so damed? Not to be confused with damned. I hope I’ll get the chance to do something nice for her too.

      I suspect you’re better with people than you think. Or maybe you’re like me, better at communicating with people in writing, like in blog comments, rather than in person.


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