Caturday Sounds

Caturday Sounds

In the night, I listen to the sounds that the cat makes. It’s sort of soothing. Here are the sounds:

  • Floor creaking: the creaky old floor creaks even when my light-weight cat walks on it. There’s an element of suspense because you never know where exactly she’s heading and what she’s up to.
  • Radiator clinking: the old wheezy radiator makes sounds of its own, but when the cat jumps on it, there is lots of clinking as her nails hug the metal grille when she’s tiptoeing on top of it.
  • Soft thudding: it’s more of a feeling than a sound, but I can tell when the cat jumps on the bed or the sofa to settle there. It’s a vibrating sensation and it’s nice to see the cat is making herself comfy.
  • Crunching and munching: you wouldn’t believe the noise that resonates in the night when the cat suddenly starts chewing on her dry food. You can hear each pellet being crushed by her teeth.
  • Tongue clicking: so you think that a cat washing herself makes no noise? Wrong. She produces a variety of tongue clicking and licking and slurping noises as she processes her fur. It’s a good sound to fall asleep to.
The cat on her new cat bed (sofa)

15 thoughts on “Caturday Sounds

  1. Ima not so much of a cat person, but she is adorable. Good description on the sounds, too.
    But its Friday, not Saturday👌


  2. You have your personal ‘go to sleep maker’ 🙂 I never stopped to consider the noises of a cat’s grooming, but I know exactly what you mean. My dog makes all sorts of weird noises when she’s attending to various bodily needs.


  3. I can so relate; my first kitty Tash was like this.

    My present two babies, well, they prefer their crate to sleep in (it’s a large two storey affair). Thankfully, or they would probably be up all night, running up and down the stairs, playing with my dog.

    The new baby, a rescued stray born kitten, well, he purrs so loud, like a tractor, that nothing else can be heard. He will sleep right next to your head or on your chest. I find it very soothing and relaxing, his purring, and little breaths in my face as he sleeps.


    1. I love the name Tash! Each cat is so different, I’ve had three in succession and they were not at all alike. My tabby is a little scaredy thing who is cuddly when she feels like it but not overly demanding. It suits me just perfect.

      I didn’t mention cat purring in my post – my cat purrs so quietly you can’t hear her, so I always wonder at cats who are loud as tractors!

      Thank you for stopping by and say hello to your pet family!


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