Wot I Shot Wednesday: Emulating My Cat

Wot I Shot Wednesday: Emulating My Cat

It’s probably late for Michael’s Wot I Shot challenge. Or maybe not. To my utmost confusion, I always see Michael’s Wednesday posts on Tuesday. So why not join the Wednesday challenge on Thursday? Time zones clearly elude me.

I took and ruined Michael’s challenge by deciding to participate with the worst of my bad Instagram snaps. I mean to go on like this until Michael bans me. This time, however, I’ve noticed something curious on my Instagram.

I posted two photos after each other, one a portrait of my cat and another a portrait of myself, and we happen to be posing in the same way! The cat has her paw over her face after an exhausting day. I have my own paw over my face because I prefer not to show my face. Literally.



12 thoughts on “Wot I Shot Wednesday: Emulating My Cat

  1. Well a superb entry shot as only you can shoot…you have lovely hands…..anyway, enough said on that….at your current rate of entry I shall encourage and praise your every entry, so banning will be some time off…..the time thing is odd isn’t it…..consider me living in the future which is a concept confusing in itself….so any day you feel the Wednesday urge is fine by me…


    1. Aw, thank you so much for your eloquent words of approval, I’m certainly happy you aren’t going to ban me (yet)!

      How is future, by the way? Speaking of which: here, we just switched to daylight saving time, so I’m sitting at my laptop, and the clock suddenly goes back an hour. I hate it how it messes with my head.

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      1. I avoid that issue by going to bed…lol…wind my clock on and pretend its normal time when I wake up….
        I shalt ban you YET!!….you’re the only other person participating….


        1. Well, your strategy for coping with random time shifts is probably the best. I’ve been working too much these days to participate in your challenge this week – or do participate in anything really – and now I feel guilty.

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          1. Never feel guilty about not participating, after all we do what we can when we can. Stay well and take care of you.


          2. Thank you. I’m doing my best. Actually, I’ve committed to working less for the months to come, blog more, do things normal people do in life (not sure what that is, but anyway), so see you around!

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          3. Its an interesting notion isn’t it as to what ‘normal’ might be….the right wing fascist might think its normal to hate and injure everyone who isn’t ‘normal’ like he/she is….the list goes on, I always equate it with being able to see everyone as an equal and have no desire to discriminate against them….but my humanness often challenges that notion with some people..


    1. Hahaha, I’m repeating myself, but I really love your witty comments 😀 I’m glad I discovered your blog, though I have no clue what took me so long.

      Well, I guess no one likes too much drama but everyone likes cats, hence my cat is more popular on my Instagram than me! The irony…


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