Changing Seasons for October 2017

Changing Seasons for October 2017

October is almost over, and so is the Changing Seasons challenge, and so are my dreams, hopes and desires. I’m kidding! I don’t remember ever having any. I do have photos though.

24 thoughts on “Changing Seasons for October 2017

  1. Hopes, dreams and desires? Phew, scared me for a second- so glad you have never been infested with these atrocious things. Lovely set. I can relate to the decaying leaf and the knot looks like what I would see in the mirror, if I ever dared peer into one. Looking forward to images of November.


    Autumn Jade


    1. Hahaha, I admit I did have quite a few dreams and desires when I was a kid – but I was a dumb kid and knew no better. Oh wait, did I promise there would be November photos? I hope not, I fear it might be too cold to even go out in November! But I’ll see about it… Cheers to you!

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  2. This is the most dreamy, romantic and sweet post I have seen from you lately.
    You may get used to it. 😉
    Hopes, dreams and desires are not even a choice, as we seem to be wired to have them, every day we wake up and decide to live the day.
    Have a good one.


    1. Well, first of all, thank you for stopping by, it always cheers me up! And then, well, it’s hard to shoot autumn landscapes so they would turn out depressing. On the other hand, that sounds like a challenge I might want to attempt!

      You made me think (as always) with your suggestion that we’re wired to have hopes etc. I guess I’m not entirely free of hope, given that I’m still alive and sort of live (or survive). Now the hard thing is to figure out what hopes and wishes exactly I might have. There’s a blank for me where wishes should be.

      Have a great and non-depressing day yourself 🙂 !


      1. It is always delightful to stop by, and I do it whenever I have time.

        What if I say that most people haven’t even realized what you just did. So you’re way ahead of the crowds. Generally, people assume that what they think is what they are, and feel like their perceived hopes )and fears) are real. Starting with a blank sheet is a better choice as you may end up finding the truthful ones.
        So, things are not as bad.

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        1. I’m very sceptic as to what is “real” and what is not; things I fear evoke “real” fear in me, but it’s just me, it’s real only to me and it can easily turn out to be perfectly harmless. It’s hard for the brain though to convince the heart (or wherever fears and feelings reside) to be rational.


          1. I will be very careful not to play the brain specialist here just because I studied psychology, but what I learnt is that it feels real because it is charged with emotional memories. We fear the future, based on what we lived before. Whatever we face that slightly looks like what we had experienced before, will get the same qualification, as good as harmful. These are unconscious associations that we make and for that we cannot distinguish what is real from what we perceive as real.
            This is how our emotions control us.
            Self awareness will allow us to control our emotions instead.
            Knowing that this is how our brain works, helps us to rationally ‘talk’ to ourselves and understand that there is no need to fear.
            Hope to not have overcomplicated…


          2. Oh I didn’t realise/forgot you studied psychology! That’s a fascinating field that has been holding my interest too. I’m a huge fan of getting to know how our psychology works so one could control it better and have a better life experience, so to say. Thank you for this bit of interesting information!


          3. There are many interesting online courses that you could follow. It is interesting to learn about it as it helps indeed to develop self awareness and have a better life experience.


          4. I’m reading various psychology magazines, I try to go for those actually written by psychologists/psychiatrists, and it’s often enlightening.


    1. Thank you very much, Joanne! I’m quite a fan of trees, I like to look up to see how far they grow and how they branch out… It’s often such an intricate structure.


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