Small Weir, Big Noise

Small Weir, Big Noise

The post title isn’t some weird figurative saying. It’s literal. I went to the local weir and was surprised by how much noise such a small water work makes. It was deafening enough, though not enough to cancel the noise of my thoughts. I made an impromptu short footage of the terrifying water sounds.

The weir was disappointingly picturesque, so I was unable to shoot a dumporama. Instead, I took a traditional panorama. It is not only boring but also crappy, as you can see below. Let’s blame it on the lack of light and the lack of concentration of the photographer caused by the noise around.

Weir at twilight

8 thoughts on “Small Weir, Big Noise

  1. For some reason, I read this ‘small weir, big nose.’ Of course, I was intrigued. And then I had to Google ‘weir’ as I had no idea what that was. Whew! And it is only a bit past 7 in the morning…..The panorama is quite pretty, Mara.

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    1. I had to Google weir too. It’s apparently not much used in English, but in my language it’s common. We make a difference between weirs and dams. The word weir is weird though!

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  2. Heh! I had to google ‘weir’ too, but for different reasons: The word is used quite a lot, around here, but they forget to add the word ‘fishing’ in front of it. They just say ‘weir’, so I knew no other meaning than that. When I googled weir, I found only your meaning. Eventually I figured it out, so when I googled ‘fishing weir’, I got our meaning 🙂 Fishing weirs can be quite picturesque, and there’s one in particular, that I would like to get a picture of on a foggy day. There’s one place also with a proper weir … the Canada Geese like to hang out there, for some reason 🙂


    1. Fishing weirs! Now it’s me who had no idea. So what would you call a weir if you don’t use the word? Would it be a dam? I mean, it’s weird, because a dam is an entirely different structure, it holds the water, while a weir lets it overflow.


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