Wot I Saw Wednesday: Be Careful What You Wish For

Wot I Saw Wednesday: Be Careful What You Wish For

Michael has tentatively started a new regular feature. I decided to interpret his Wot I Saw Wednesday as a forum for the worst of bad pictures. Unlike other photography forums, this is one where I can contribute a lot of quality material. Continuing in the mode of my first response to this challenge, here is another shitty snap of myself when I was feeling shitty.


Yesterday I had an identity crisis, which is my euphemism for a bout of depression. I wished I rather had a bout of anxiety. Well, now I know I should be more careful with what I wish for because I indeed woke up in an anxious fit today. Nothing half a Lexaurin wouldn’t fix, but nothing too enjoyable either. To make it fair, since I wasn’t enjoying myself, here is another crappy picture for you not to enjoy.


17 thoughts on “Wot I Saw Wednesday: Be Careful What You Wish For

  1. Well I am ‘impressed’, I always imagined you had an attractive head…..lol……well I remember saying we could use this prompt as a place to put your quality bad photos…though I’m thinking I’ll have to lift my game to participate as you have…..but I do like roses I have to say…lets see what next Wednesday brings our way…thanks so much for adding your photographic thoughts….


    1. Hahaha, it’s possibly the first time I saw the top of my head and I was pleased with it. I’m sorry I didn’t contribute anything better to your lovely challenge, so maybe next time!

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  2. Every time, I’m just amazed by the mundane and simplicity of your pictures. They are not crappy at all, as they’re telling a story (your story) in a real and profound way.
    Sorry to hear you don’t feel good, though. Hope you do soon.
    Cheers! Xoxo


    1. I don’t even know how to begin to thank you for your super kind and uplifting comment. I like telling stories and I try to notice interesting details in commonplace things, but I’m not always successful.


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