I’ve Been Panicking over a Cat Toy (Seriously)

I’ve Been Panicking over a Cat Toy (Seriously)

I’m overworked. No, really, I’m always overworked but now I’m acutely overworked. That’s why I thought that before resuming work, I could grab a blogging break. Not a break from blogging but a break to blog. You know, so I could feel guilty afterwards for not having been working.

Overwork is an awesome way to boost your existing mental issues and get yourself new issues you didn’t know you had. At this state of overwork, I don’t have normal response to stimuli because all my brain capacity is taken up by working and thinking of working. My reaction to ordinary situations is either of the following:

  1. none (blank stare and complete paralysis)
  2. inadequate (like responding with a poem to a question of what day it is; also, I have honestly no idea what day it is because all days are workdays)
  3. panicky (I just lose my shit and expect to die at the spot because the circumstances are too overwhelming to survive)
My favourite cat toy

I’ve been successfully excessively panicking today on multiple occasions. To an uninvolved observer, it would probably look extremely hilarious. Even I, a very involved actor in the fits of panic, could appreciate some of the humour in it.

I had the best meltdown when I couldn’t find my favourite cat toy. Not my cat’s favourite toy, she is indifferent to all toys, but my preferred toy out of the collection of cat toys I use as home decorations. I was looking for it everywhere. Repeatedly. I blamed the cat for losing it.

I have no idea how the cat does that but she sometimes does lose a toy. She must be eating them. When I was on the verge of hanging myself on a cat string toy, it occurred to me that I must have collected the missing toy accidentally from the floor with the bed sheets I was changing and must have put it in the laundry basket.

Yup. There it was. I thought I lost it forever. I’m unreasonably attached to cat toys and I probably only have a cat because of the toys. To immortalise said cat toy, I just snapped and Snapseeded it and it goes with this post. So much panic for such a little thing. Seriously.

15 thoughts on “I’ve Been Panicking over a Cat Toy (Seriously)

  1. Oh dear – I totally feel with you, although in another way I’m kinda relieved that I’m not the only mad person here freakin’ out when not finding a specific tiny little thing of no importance… Don’t have my own kitty but I could picture myself in your situation. Going to bed at 4am because I couldn’t find it and was looking for it… and couldn’t find peace unless I found it…^^ Girl, I hope you can come down a wee bit. It’s difficult, I know that, as I’m overworking here badass myself, but just, do take care x


    1. Hello there, great to hear from you! We’re quite similar it seems! Which might not necessarily be a good thing, when it comes to overworking oneself and freaking out about silly little things… I too hope you’ll find a balance and slow down a bit!


      1. Yes, I’m hanging in there, thank you! Ups and downs as usual but hey, hanging in there πŸ˜‰ The good thing is to recognize that you’re unbalanced – and then work on the balance again. That’s a start. And you’ve got that as well – hope you’re finding your balance as well, at least every once in a while!

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  2. If I was a fly upon your wall I would probably be staring at your goings on and chuckling to myself. But I do get the panic of not knowing where something is when you know it should be someplace but where? Does the cat play with said toy?


  3. I can totally see why you love it. It’s so pretty. How could the cat be so indifferent to its beauty?! Seriously. I had one of those can’t see for looking episodes that spanned two days. I was desperately trying to find some of those slim birthday candles that last all of 3 seconds (which is quite long enough if you ask me). I knew I had some. After I gave up looking, they appeared in the very spot I had looked in a dozen times …. grrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!


    1. The cat is silly not to play with her great toys, so it’s up to me to play with them πŸ˜€ Exactly as you say, sometimes the thing you’re looking for suddenly materialises where you never saw it before! Frustrating.

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