A Quiet Day: An Apocalypse Is Impending

A Quiet Day: An Apocalypse Is Impending

It’s been such a wonderfully quiet day. No one called me, no one mailed me, no one came banging at my door in the misled belief that when I’m the concierge, I can set their problems and the world to rights.

Only the cat has been disturbing me. She’s excited I didn’t leave her forever after all, as she was home alone the whole day yesterday. So tonight she’s been climbing on my desk when I was working or sitting sullen and awake on top of the radiator, further from me than usual because the human put her big reference book at the cat’s usual spot.

Humans suck. I agree with the cat. This quietness means one thing. An apocalypse is impending. I’m scared to go to sleep. Which is why I’m typing this, in bed, in the dark, with the cat nowhere to be seen, which means she’s up to no good either. Catocalypse is coming. 

10 thoughts on “A Quiet Day: An Apocalypse Is Impending

  1. I really love those days of quiet when no one seems to want to have anything to do with you. As an introvert who suffers from social anxiety, solitude is peace to me. When no one bothers you, it almost as if you don’t exist but you exist solely for yourself and for your own wild imagination 😀


    1. Exactly what I meant! I’m anxious and socially anxious especially, so it’s peaceful to be alone. On the other hand, one wonders how this peaceful situation happened and what comes after that, whether it’s not the quiet before the storm…

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