A Pill a Day

A Pill a Day

I measure my weeks
In the number of pills
I take to calm down
To continue to exist

Not too many
Not to get a habit
Count them out
Don’t take too much

Should I overdose
Never mind

Too many things
For the little pink pills
To take care of
To make unexist

11 thoughts on “A Pill a Day

  1. The beauty of writing poetry is it allows us to briefly express those thoughts we have without having to go into long winded prose explanations. I too like this poem and I feel you are using them to get out what it is that may be bugging you at the time. And this is a good thing, I use it too in many of my poems and thankfully only a few people who know me closely ever catch on to what I am saying. But for me its a good exercise and I hope for you too.


    1. Thank you for your insights. You always make me either laugh or think or both. You’re right, I don’t mean to produce actual poetry, I just throw in some words together to express my concerns. Your writings are really too veiled for people who don’t you in person to tell from them what you’re thinking.

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