Why the Nuthouse Was My Best Holiday Ever

Why the Nuthouse Was My Best Holiday Ever

These days it’s the first anniversary of my nuthouse staycation. Despite the bad publicity these institutions suffer, my experience was that of the best holiday I ever had. There are so many reasons.

  • You’ll never have more you-time. There was an obligatory programme to take part at for most of the day, but it was all focused on being with yourself. You have no worry in the world but to attend to you. That’s not what you can normally do in your life outside because you have other duties to prioritise.
  • Everyone is nice to you. If everyone is already nice to you anyway, congratulations. It’s not my case. The psychiatric ward staff was obviously trained to treat the patients with extra care because they’re frail things. No one gives you weird looks when you’re doing something weird because, hey, you’re certified crazy and you can do whatever you have to, no questions asked.
My madhouse mandala
  • You can safely contemplate suicide. Planning suicide is my favourite activity, which can be fully and safely enjoyed in the ward. Jumping out of the window is out of the question because the windows are barred and you can’t hope to hang yourself either because anything that could be utilised for the purpose will be confiscated. You can then indulge in your thoughts at peace.
  • You discover your creative potential. I can hardly draw a stick figure but the regularly scheduled creative sessions unleashed my potential. Well, I have no potential, but I would enjoy splashing watercolours on the paper and colouring mandalas. You need to be careful with morbid motives in your art though because you might be taken aside for an individual consultation with a therapist.
  • You’ll never have more crazy fun. Contrary to popular belief, there’s more hysterical laughter than hysterical crying in the ward. Occasionally it gets all mixed up when one patient is having a hysterical meltdown and another is having a fit of hysterical laughter at the former. It’s not mean really, it’s just a spontaneous reaction. One shouldn’t take oneself too seriously so as not to get too crazy.

8 thoughts on “Why the Nuthouse Was My Best Holiday Ever

  1. I remember a guy who went to a place like you and afterwards used to boast that he wasn’t insane as he had a note from the hospital to say he wasn’t. Then he’d look at you and ask if you had one too. I can understand why you’d think it was a good ‘holiday’. Are you planning another? If so let us know so we’ll know not to be missing you.


    1. Oh dear, this is weird. Why would anyone boast of not being insane? That’s insane.

      I’m not planning another nuthouse staycation for practical reasons, but I’d love one. It’s great for mental health. I highly recommend it to everyone, no matter whether sane or insane.

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      1. Maybe you have found a cause in life, advocating nutcase staycations for the alleged insane or not…I’m sure there is a place only too happy to take in extra clients for that one stop mental cleansing.


    1. You are very right. It is a great thing to do for your mental health, and you don’t even need any severe psychiatric diagnosis to benefit from such a programme. It’s just a form of self-care.

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