Weekly Photo Challenge: Pedestrian

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pedestrian

In response to WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Pedestrian.

I carry my umbrella like a fierce shield bearer. I’ll pierce you with its spike when it comes to it.



22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Pedestrian

      1. Yes. My family is an Auto family. We’ve always owned GM car dealerships, so I growed up around cars. Thing is, GM produces cars in/for other countries so there may be models I don’t recognise.


        1. I see! Well, European car market is very different from the US one, I think. In my country specifically, car ownership is by no means universal and it’s not such a marker of social status. Also, petrol (gas) is very expensive, so cars with low consumption are preferred. We have lots of Skodas, Volkswagens, some Opels and Peugots.

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          1. I see, some of those brands are also sold in the UK as well if I remember properly. My memory ain’t what it once were… Or was.

            I love the idea of cars not being a status marker or symbol. I like cars like any other guy but if it becomes a religion or an OCD, that’s not cool.

            Never heard of a Skoda but my spell check apparently has!


          2. Haha, your spellcheck is so smart! Skoda is a Czech brand, so local to here, though I think Germans bought it. It’s like Volkswagen, an affordable car. (It’s not that everyone could afford it, including me, but whatever.)

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  1. You have a weapon in your hands! Treat it with great care ……. otherwise it might turn inside out and not do it;s job of shielding you from the rain.


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