What a Quiet Night Tonight

What a Quiet Night Tonight

When it’s so quiet
You think
You should hear yourself breathing
But you hear nothing

Have you gone deaf
Have you died
What’s happening
You’re terrified

Has it ever happened to you that you thought you went deaf because you couldn’t hear any sound around? The house is quite quiet tonight and it doesn’t seem right. I had to double-check that I’m not deaf, that I’m still breathing and that I’m probably still alive. I’m still terrified though for no good reason.

13 thoughts on “What a Quiet Night Tonight

  1. Nights can be like that..its like all you hear is the silence….then again you can always nudge the cat and see what audible response you get.


  2. Given that I live practically on top of my air-filtering machine, which is filling in for my Hawaiian Surf “Nature’s Sounds” CDs, I may not have that experience again until the electric power goes out. But no, I haven’t.


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